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T-Top Stabilizing & Standoffs

If rough waters are your game, Fishmaster offers added support for your t-top with our handles and t-top standoffs. The Fishmaster T-Top is strong as is, but for fisherman that desire to test the waters, browse our collection of t-top standoffs and t-top handles.

Stabilizing / Standoffs

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  • T-Top Stabilizer Bar

    If rough waters are your game, Fishmaster offers additional t-top support with our stabilizer bar. Don't worry, the Fishmaster T-Top is strong as is, but for fisherman that desires to test the waters, you will want to invest in our t-top stabilizer bar.

    • Adds additional stability to your t-top
    • Adjustable to work at widths from 24" to 50"
    • Install high or low, front legs or rear legs
    • Works as a grab handle
    • Easy to install
    • Polished and Anodized tubing
    • Stainless Steel Fasteners
    • GUARANTEED! - Love it or Return it
  • T-Top Standoff Pack (pair)

    For the Fisherman that needs a little extra stability, our T-Top standoff pack is here for you. These are the same standoffs that come with each Fishmaster T-Top.

    • Can be used with other brand T-Tops for added stability
    • Normally only needed for consoles under 30" tall.
  • T-Top Vertical Brace Standoffs

    We don't believe in over accessorizing at Fishmaster. If you are a fan of choices, you may need these T-Top Vertical standoffs to help strengthen your t-top in rough waters.

    • Significantly Increases Frame Stiffness, but Rarely Needed
    • Only needed for heavily accessorized T-Tops (over 100 lbs) used regularly in very rough water.
    • Beneficial for use on consoles less than 30 inches tall.
    • Includes quick release knobs for quick and easy removal for folding down the T-Top.
    • Can be mounted to the side, front or top of the console.
  • Deck Mounted Grab Bar

    Never let go with our Fishmaster grab bar. Attaches to the deck with stainless steel hardware, this boat grab bar will be there for the wild fisherman who needs a little stability. Easy removal for simple storage.

    • Many accessories can be attached to the 1.66" tubing
    • Polished and anodized to prevent corrosion
    • All hardware and instructions are included
    • Can be installed and removed from the boat simply and quickly for easy storage
    • Stainless Steel Hardware
    • GUARANTEED! - Love it or Return it
  • Universal Grab Handles (pair)

    Our universal grab handles will be there for anyone navigating rougher waters. This inclusive boat grab handle features two different designs: The T-Top Model and Boat Model.

    The T-Top Model easily attaches to your Fishmaster T-Top or any 1.9” or 2” OD tubing.

    • Sold in a pair
    • Great for rough waters
    • Attaches to any 1.9” or 2” OD tubing
    • Compatible with Fishmaster T-Top
    • GUARANTEED! - Love it or Return it