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Rod Holders and Outriggers

Complement your fishing experience with Fishmaster’s t-top rod holder and outrigger mounts. Hook, line & sinker.

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  1. Deluxe Trident Rod Holder Cluster - Straight

  2. Kite Fishing Rod Cluster

  3. Stand-off Surface Mount Rod Holder

  4. Thru Bolt Surface Mount Rod Holder

  5. Stand-off Surface Mount Rod Holder with Stainless Hardware

  6. 4-Rod Bungee Rod Holder

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  7. 3-Rod Bungee Rod Holder

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  8. 2-Rod Bungee Rod Holder

  9. 4-Rod Deluxe Pontoon Boat Rod Rack

  10. 4-Rod Deluxe Poly Rod Rack

    As low as $69.99
  11. 3-Rod Deluxe Poly Rod Rack

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  12. 2-Rod Deluxe Poly Rod Rack - White


Items 13-24 of 139

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Do I need rod holders on my t-top?

Rod holders are arguably the most useful accessories you can add to your t-top. Space is at a premium on every boat’s deck and t-top rod holders are the perfect place to store rods and reels out of the way.

Which rod holder is better - single or 5-rod?

Selecting your rod holder style ultimately comes down to preference and desired use. Fishmaster’s single rod holders can be mounted anywhere along the t-top’s canopy (or other 1.9-in. tubing) and feature a rotating clamp for full control over the rod holder’s positioning. Alternatively, the rod holders in the 5-rod rocket launcher are in fixed positions at 15 and 30 degree angles for maximum rod storage in a space-saving design. For added space savings, a variety of accessories can be mounted directly to the Fishmaster 5-rod holder.

How can I make sure my rod and reel are secure?

Riveted gimbal pins in the bottom of each Fishmaster rod holder index the rod to keep it securely in place and prevent rattling. For added security, t-top rod safety straps can be used for maximum protection in even the roughest conditions.

T-Top vs. gunwale mounted rod holders

Both t-top and gunwale mounted rod holders are great ways to save space on your boat’s deck. T-top rod holders are preferred for their ability to keep rods and reels stored out of the way while gunwale mounted rod holders are preferred to keep rods and reels within close reach. If you’re interested in adding rod holders to your gunwale Mate Series combination rod/cup holders are a multifunctional solution.

Can I mount rod holders to my center console?

Fishmaster rod holders are designed to mount exclusively to t-top canopies and boat rails. However if you have existing console-mounted rod holders or choose to add them, our rod grommets are an excellent accessory. These grommets are installed in your t-top’s canvas and allow rods stored in console-mounted rod holders to pass through the canopy exactly where you need them.

Can I use t-top rod holders for trolling?

Fishmaster rod holders are designed for rod storage, not for trolling. We do not recommend using our rod holders for trolling.

Can I mount rod holders to my t-top?

Absolutely! Fishmaster rod holders are offered in two mount options - a standard 1.9-in. mount and a universal mount. The universal mount options include clamp inserts that allow the rod holders to fit 1.66-in. or 1.315-in. tubing.

How do Fishmaster rod holders mount to the t-top?

Fishmaster’s rod holders feature a clamp-on design that allows them to be mounted to your t-top’s tubing. This clamp-on style allows anglers to place rod holders exactly where they’re needed and move them to new positions quickly and easily.

Why should I choose a Fishmaster rod holder?

Fishmaster constructs top-quality rod holders from 6063-T6 aluminum with 304 stainless steel hardware. These rod holders are available in two finishes - bright-dipped anodized and powder coated - to provide years of protection against harsh marine elements. In addition to heavy-duty construction, Fishmaster rod holders feature a universal fit, 360 degree positioning, riveted gimbal pin, and more!

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