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Add an extra splash of fun to your next day on the water with a set of boat T-Top speakers. Choose from our selection of single- and double-barrel speakers to find the ones that are right for your t-top.

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  1. Wet Sounds Rev 10 - 10in Mid-Base Driver (Pair)

    As low as $1,549.99
  2. Wet Sounds Rev 8 - 8in Mid-Base Driver (Pair)

    As low as $1,399.99
  3. Wet Sounds Icon 8 - 8in Mid-Base Driver (Pair)

    As low as $1,049.99

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What are the differences between single- and double-barrel speakers?

The biggest difference between our single- and double-barrel marine T-Top speakers comes down to one thing: your sound experience. That’s because both speaker options use the same high-quality components in either anodized or powder coated cans, but our single barrel speaker only has one speaker while our double barrel has two. Additionally, our double-barrel speakers come with a swivel mount, giving you the option to face the speakers in two different directions at the same time for better sound quality for everyone on board.

Which amp do I need?

Once you have decided whether the single- or double-barrel T-Top speakers are right for you, it’s time to choose an amplifier. Having the right amplifier minimizes sound distortion and provides a power boost to your boat’s radio system so you get the best possible sound experience with your marine T-Top speakers. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Single Barrel Speakers – At least a 200W, 2 channel amplifier.
  • Double Barrel Speakers – At least a 400W, 4 channel amplifier.

Have plans to upgrade to double-barrel speakers in the future or think you might? Go with the 400W, 4 channel amplifier. This way you only need to make one investment in your amplifier and then you will be set to go whenever it’s time to upgrade your T-Top speakers.

Do these speakers work with my current boat speaker system?

Yes! Our selection of boat T-Top speakers are designed to work with your boat’s existing sound system so there’s no need to change the head unit or amplifier. That said, although you technically don’t need an amplifier for your T-Top speakers, we highly recommend one for a better sound experience! For example, if you plan to pull a rider, having an amplifier will help make sure they hear and enjoy your playlist just as much as everyone else on board. Plus, the amp will boost the music over the engine, making it sound that much better.

If I don’t have a Fishmaster T-Top, will these speakers still work on my t-top?

Yes! Here at Fishmaster we work diligently to provide accessories that work with a wide variety of boats and T-Tops. All T-Top mounted speakers come standard with universal inserts, allowing them to fit virtually any diameter tubing on your T-Top from 1-5/8” to 2-1/2”. This means even if your T-Top isn’t from Fishmaster, you can still enjoy our T-Top speakers for high quality sound out on the water.

How do I take care of my T-Top speakers?

You can choose to have your marine T-Top speakers either anodized or powder coated for a layer of protection against corrosion (and because this means you’ll never need to polish them), but there’s no denying that saltwater can still be tough on speaker cans. With this in mind, we always recommend rinsing and drying your T-Top speakers after each saltwater boating adventure and rinsing them with water and a mild soap at the end of each season. This will help reduce water spots.

Which brand should I choose?

There are several brands that have come to be known and trusted in the marine speaker game. That means that you’re going to be able to find high quality, reliable speakers that have been put to the test and come out on top no matter which brand you choose, but we know there can only be one “best” brand. Which brand this is really depends on you and your boat. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you narrow down your choices:

  • Wet Sounds is known for speakers that produce a richer sound with a solid sub.
  • Polk and Kicker won’t be able to provide a robust sound like Wet Sounds with donut-shaped subs, but they’re still quality, reliable speakers.
  • Monster Tower’s speakers are marine certified and have built-in LED backlighting alongside quality speaker components.

And remember, you can always match your T-Top speakers to your boat’s existing sound system if you’re finding it hard to decide!

What does powder coated and anodized mean?

No matter which coating you choose for your boat T-Top speakers, you can feel confident you’re getting the same high quality and value that Fishmaster is known for! Unlike many other marine T-Top speakers, our T-Top speaker cans are given a protective coating (either polished and bright-dipped anodized or powder coated) that provides them with added durability with a corrosion-resistant shield that never needs polishing. Although both the anodized and the black powder coat share the same protective properties, how they are manufactured differs. Here are the main differences:

  • Polished and Bright-Dipped Anodized: Anodizing your T-Top speaker cans is a must to help avoid corrosion, especially for saltwater boaters, but very few marine T-Top speakers have anodized cans because of production costs. We know what happens when marine T-Top speakers aren’t protected, so we offer speaker cans that are polished and bright-dipped anodized with resilient aluminum metal for a high-quality speaker that lasts.
  • Powder Coated: Our powder coat is impenetrable because the coating is literally baked onto the T-Top speaker’s metal at 500 degrees. This is the same coating you see on car wheels because it provides a durable protective layer that will last through tough, wet environments.
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