Tower Speakers

Enhance your t-top with a set of tower speakers for the ultimate sound experience on the water.

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  1. Wet Sounds RECON 6 Tower Speakers (Pair)

  2. Wet Sounds Rev 8 - 8in Mid-Base Driver (Pair)

    As low as $1,399.99
  3. Wet Sounds Icon 8 - 8in Mid-Base Driver (Pair)

    As low as $1,049.99

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What styles of t-top speakers are available?

T-Top speakers are available in a few common styles, with the two most popular being single-barrel and double-barrel. As their names suggest, single-barrel speakers include one speaker per mount, while double-barrel speakers include two speakers per mount.

How are t-top speakers mounted?

T-Top speakers are designed to be mounted directly to the top-section of your t-top with a clamp. This clamp-in design allows you to easily attach and detach the speakers or move them to a new spot on your t-top. Most t-top speakers feature a rotating design that allows the speaker, once attached to the t-top, to be repositioned and direct the sound where it’s desired. Because these speakers are designed to clamp onto your t-top, they’re typically easier to mount than in-boat speakers and are a great alternative when there is not a good mounting location for an in-boat speaker.

How does the performance or t-top speakers compare to in-boat speakers?

The performance of a t-top speaker is not necessarily any better or worse than that of an in-boat speaker - that comes down to the specifications of the speaker you choose. For both speaker types, there are high and low performance options. With that said, t-top speakers are a better choice if you’re looking to control or reposition the direction of your sound. The swivel clamp attachment included in t-top speakers makes it easy to adjust the direction and project sound outside the boat whereas in-boat speakers are stationary and are better suited for creating sound on board the boat.

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