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Universal Folding Boat T-Tops

The first universal boat T-Top that folds for fixed bridges and storage. Fishmaster features a patented design, protective anodized finish to reduce the risk of corrosion, and industry standard 1.9" diameter tubing. Fishmaster is one of the most experienced marine tower builders in the world with over 10,000 center console t-tops shipped to customers worldwide.

Angler Approved™

Our folding boat t-tops are rated for offshore so your boat can go the distance.

Free Shipping

Fishmaster t-tops typically ship the same day so you can have it ASAP.

Simple Installation

Our t-tops install quickly to get your vessel back on the water in no time.

Universal Boat T-Top

Ultimate Boat T-Top Adaptability

There are thousands of models of fishing boats out there and they all have different center console designs, shapes, and sizes. This absence of standardization is one of the biggest reasons why finding the right t-top for your boat can be so difficult - if, that is, you aren't aware of how Fishmaster T-Tops are highly adaptable and virtually universal in nature. In fact, our tops fit center consoles ranging from 24" to 50" wide.

Any boat t-top needs to mate with the console itself, to provide support and rigidity. Often this means custom-building a top to fit perfectly around the console, which is obviously very expensive. So we designed standoffs that can be easily fitted and cut to fill any gap between the t-top frame and the console itself. All you have to do is place the standoff rod through the mounting hole in the t-top, measure the length, and cut the standoff to fit. A handsaw will do the trick, and once you've fitted the standoff, it bolts in place for final assembly.

Boat T-Top Folding
Boat T-Top Folding
Boat T-Top Folding
Fishmaster Original Boat T-Top

The Original Folding T-Top™

Fishmaster's universal boat t-top is a creation from seasoned engineers and marine manufacturing professionals with a passion for fishing and boating. Our goal: Create a silent, twice-folding boat T-Top that fits any boat & looks like it cost $3,000 in an affordable, easy to install product.

Our advanced design techniques created a state-of-the-art boat t top that fits almost any boat with a single design. But the biggest design perk, of course, comes from this top’s folding nature. We note with pride that ours is the original patented T-top that folds, and there are over 10,000 of them out there on the water today. We also pride ourselves on offering affordable and innovative accessories.

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