Universal T-Top Center Console Cover - Westland


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Standout Features

  • UV Resistant Sharkskin SD™ Fabric

  • Made to Fit Center Consoles with T-Tops

  • Secured with Adjustable Straps

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Product Description

Universal T-Top Console Cover Dimensions

Small (5074TTC) Large (5075TTC)
Width 48 Inches 48 Inches
Depth 57 Inches 77 Inches
Height 67 Inches 67 Inches
ttop console cover measure guide
Standout Features
  • Made with Premium Sharkskin SD™ Fabric
  • Keeps Your Console Covered from the Sun
  • Able to Cover Any Size Console
  • Adjustable Straps for the Best, Tightest Fit
  • Choose From Nine Different Colors

T-Top Console Covers are custom sewn. Returns will be charged a 25% restocking fee.

Why do I need a T-Top Console Cover?

Westland’s Trailerable T-Top Console cover will protect your center console from the sun and rain, so you can enjoy the water on a great day! T-Top Console Covers prevent harsh marine elements from causing premature wear and tear on the steering wheel or important gauges. The cover is specifically designed to attach to the bottom of your T-Top and will cover any console size with a base perimeter up to 250 inches (Approximately 21 feet). Adjustable straps allow you to tightly secure the cover for the best fit possible.

T-Top Console Cover: How-to Position

Position the cover so the zipper will be on the starboard side of the console. At the top of the zipper, there will be a 24" strap with a quick release buckle that will secure the cover to the T-Top structure on your boat. The port side of the cover also has a 24" strap sewn in to secure the port side in the same fashion.

  1. ADJUST THE LENGTH OF THE COVER: Once the t-top cover has been attached and zipped around the center console and helm seat, then adjust the 24" straps until the cover reaches the floor of the boat.
  2. TIGHTEN THE BACK STRAPS: The cover comes with (3) 48" straps that cross the back panel of the cover behind and on top of the helm seat. These need to be adjusted to allow some of the slack to be pulled behind the helm seat. Start with the lowest one and tighten to improve the fit.
  3. SECURE THE WEATHER FLAP: Now that the straps are in place, you can secure the weather flap that is sewn to the front panel over the windshield bar and across the top of the console. This panel will fasten the buckles attached to the outside of the cover over the helm seat. Adjust these straps to allow this flap to cover the opening over the console.
  4. REMOVAL AND REHANG: To remove, simply unbuckle the quick release buckles on the weather flap. Then unzip the side zipper. Unbuckle the strap going up the T-Top structure on the zipper side. Then unbuckle the strap going to the T-Top structure on the port side. There is no need to release the other straps on the cover. Simply fold and store the cover as needed. To re-hang, simply reverse this step. There is no need to readjust any straps as they were set on the initial installation.