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Rod Holders & Outrigger Mounts

Complement your fishing experience with Fishmaster’s t-top rod holder and outrigger mounts. Constructed with a protective anodized finish, our rod holder and outrigger mounts will keep your fishing rod steady for years to come. Hook, line & sinker.

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Rod Holders and Outriggers

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  • Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder
    free rod straps with purchase of two rod holders

    Purchase with the Universal Inserts in the drop down to fix these fishing rod holders on 1.66 or 1.315 tubing.

    • Swivel mount and rotating clamp design allow you to position rods at any angle. Pick any angle from 30 degrees to 180 degrees then lock in place.
    • Constructed from 6063-T6 aluminum then carefully bright dipped anodized. Kit comes complete with 304 stainless steel fasteners and clamp for 1.90" tube.
    • Extruded marine grade 6063 T6 aluminum tube offers a flared OEM style rod holder shape.
    • Match your t-top with bright dipped anodized finish that provides years of protection.
    • Clamp design fits a 1.90" extrusion commonly found on t-tops making this a truly unique universal rod holder.
    • Ideal for holding your flags, gaffs, fishing nets, and sun shade products.
  • 5 Rod Rocket Launcher
    • Stores 5 Fishing Rods & Reels Out of the Way
    • Riveted Gimbal Pin to Index Fishing Rods
    • Universal Mount Accommodates any 1.9" Tubing
    • Built-In Mounting Bracket for an LED Spreader Light
    • Pre-Drilled Holes for Universal Antenna/Navigation Bracket
    • Installs in Under 30 Minutes
    • Love it or Return it™
    • 5 Year Warranty
    Caution: This product is designed to hold rods that are not in use. Not intended to be used with trolling or casted lines.

    Regular Price: $299.00

    Special Price $119.00

  • T-Top Rod Safety Straps (Pair)

    Keeping your rod and reel secure on the water is a top priority. By adding a t-top rod safety strap you'll never have to worry about losing a rig again.

    • Looped design offers security and protection for your gear in the roughest conditions
    • 11" long, 0.3" diameter bungee cord
  • Outrigger Holders (pair)

    No need to drill holes into your boat's gunnels with these outrigger fishing rod holders! Simply affix the outrigger fishing rod holders to you Fishmaster t-top at the desired angle, insert your own outriggers and get trolling.

    • Durable Polished and Bright Anodized Finish
    • Holds an outrigger
    • Swivel mount and rotating clamp design allow you to position rods at any angle.
    • Constructed from 6063-T6 aluminum and 303 stainless steel fasteners.
  • Outrigger Mounting Bracket Pack (pair)

    Permanently mount your outrigger holders to your Fishmaster t-top with these mounting brackets. The Fishmaster Outrigger Mounting Bracket easily attaches to the top section of your T-Top. Don't worry. We pre-drilled the holes for your so you can start attaching your outriggers ASAP.

    • Mounts easily to the top section of your
    • T-Top. Pre-Drilled holes in the bracket for attaching your outriggers.
    • Works with all popular outriggers with 3" x 4" centers between holes and 3" main center hole
    • Super strong polished and anodized aluminum.
    • Stainless Hardware included to attached to your Fishmaster T-Top.