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Let our LED boat lights illuminate your path. LED navigation lights are known for providing maximum light, with low power consumption. Fishmaster’s collection of led navigation lights feature a combo beam pattern providing both flood and spot coverage.

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  1. LED Navigation Light

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Are lights required on my fishing boat?

The most commonly required add-on light for your center console boat is a navigation light. Per the U.S. Coast Guard, a navigation light providing 360-degree visibility up to 2 NM is required to be mounted at the highest point on your boat and, if you’ve recently added a t-top, that’s now likely the new highest point. To keep you in compliance, Fishmaster offers LED navigation lights in both 12-in. and 24-in. sizes.

Be sure to check local regulations to find out if your area has unique lighting requirements for your boat.

Which lights are best for my center console boat?

Especially if you plan to be out on the water before the sun’s up or after it goes down, you’ll need some additional lighting to illuminate the boat’s deck. The right light for your boat will depend on how much light you need. Fishmaster offers two light options - the LED spreader light and the LED light bar.

  • Spreader Light - Provides bright light (1170 lumens) in a concentrated area with a low voltage draw
  • Light Bar - Features both spot and flood coverage and over 10,000 lumens of brightness for broad lighting coverage
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