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Universal T-Top Accessories

You have your boat ready to go. The weather is perfect, the T-Top is installed and all the fishing gear is packed for another exciting trip out on the water. However; you still feel like something is missing as you begin your journey. Perhaps an extra accessory, or a dozen, is needed in order to make your trip a little extra special.

At Fishmaster™, there’s an entire line of accessories you can shop for that are sure to make your trip the best one yet. Whether you’re looking to store your fishing pole in a rod holder, or you need a better nighttime view with powerful LED lights or two, we’ve got the right accessories for you!

We know you have questions, so we’ve got the answers available to make you feel comfortable about your purchasing decisions. Take a look at our T-Top Accessories Q & A!

T-Top Accessories

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  • T-Top Extension - Westland

    Extend The Shade™ of your Fishmaster T-Top canopy with an easy-to-install, removable t-top shade extension. Available in 4 sizes to fit a variety of boat t-tops, this t-top canopy extension is perfect for any setup.

    Standout Features
    • Extend The Shade™ of your current T-Top
    • Available in 4 sizes to fit a variety of t-tops
    • WeatherMax 3D Fabric blocks 99% of harmful UV Rays
    • Highly fade resistant for a color that lasts
    • Stretchable for an enhanced universal fit
    • Rated on the water for speeds up to 45mph
  • T-Top Rod Safety Straps (Pair)

    Keeping your rod and reel secure on the water is a top priority. By adding a t-top rod safety strap you'll never have to worry about losing a rig again.

    • Looped design offers security and protection for your gear in the roughest conditions
    • 11" long, 0.3" diameter bungee cord
  • Fishmaster T-Top Replacement Cover

    Stay protected with our t-top covers! Proudly made of Sunbrella fabric, our Fishmaster t-top covers are designed to be UV and fade resistant. Even with constant exposure to the sun, these t-top covers will hold their bright colors. Clean with bleach and you will not see any loss of color vibrancy. The Skin Cancer foundation has awarded Sunbrella with the seal of approval since these fabrics provide valuable protection from the sun. Fishmaster and Sunbrella provide a trusted canvas t-top cover to keep you safe and comfortable during your boating excursions.

    Only purchase this if you have damaged your cover or are changing colors. Fishmaster covers carry a 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty from Sunbrella.


    • Comes in 9 Standard Sunbrella Colors
    • Fits Fishmaster T-Tops
    • Includes Rope and Stainless Gromments
    • GUARANTEED - Love it or Return it!
  • 5 Rod Rocket Launcher
    • Stores 5 Fishing Rods & Reels Out of the Way
    • Riveted Gimbal Pin to Index Fishing Rods
    • Universal Mount Accommodates any 1.9" Tubing
    • Built-In Mounting Bracket for an LED Spreader Light
    • Pre-Drilled Holes for Universal Antenna/Navigation Bracket
    • Installs in Under 30 Minutes
    • Love it or Return it™
    • 5 Year Warranty
    Caution: This product is designed to hold rods that are not in use. Not intended to be used with trolling or casted lines.

    Regular Price: $299.00

    Special Price $119.00

  • Universal Antenna Mounting Bracket
    • 'No Drilling Required' installation on both the Original & Pro Series Fishmaster T-Tops. Simply, remove the aft 2 stainless steel bolts in the middle of the top section, put the bracket over the holes and replace the bolts - it's that easy!
    • Universal for t-top top sections with 1.9" diameter tubing - including 2 different mounting configurations
    • Large 3.5" x 3.5" mounting surface to fit your favorite accessories (navigation lights, led lights, etc.)
    • Flat mounting surface allows you to drill mounting holes custom to your accessory's hole configuration
    • Constructed of 6061 T6 marine grade aluminum that is bright dipped anodized coated.
    • We recommend you use anti-seize when assembling threaded nuts in the marine environment.
    • GUARANTEED! - Love it or Return it.
  • Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder
    free rod straps with purchase of two rod holders

    Purchase with the Universal Inserts in the drop down to fix these fishing rod holders on 1.66 or 1.315 tubing.

    • Swivel mount and rotating clamp design allow you to position rods at any angle. Pick any angle from 30 degrees to 180 degrees then lock in place.
    • Constructed from 6063-T6 aluminum then carefully bright dipped anodized. Kit comes complete with 304 stainless steel fasteners and clamp for 1.90" tube.
    • Extruded marine grade 6063 T6 aluminum tube offers a flared OEM style rod holder shape.
    • Match your t-top with bright dipped anodized finish that provides years of protection.
    • Clamp design fits a 1.90" extrusion commonly found on t-tops making this a truly unique universal rod holder.
    • Ideal for holding your flags, gaffs, fishing nets, and sun shade products.
  • Ratchet Mount Antenna Base
    Stand Out Features
    • Stainless Steel
    • Mounts to Universal Folding Antenna Mounting Plate
    • Comes with Stainless Steel Hardware
    • Folds for Storage

    Regular Price: $42.99

    Special Price $29.99

  • Universal T-Top Center Console Cover - Westland
    Standout Features
    • UV Resistant Sharkskin SD™ Fabric
    • Made to Fit Center Consoles with T-Tops
    • Secured with Adjustable Straps
  • T-Top Electronics Box
    • Water resistant t-top storage box works for fish finders, GPS, radios, and other valuables.
    • Dark smokey plexiglass door panel not only protects but keeps contents out of direct contact with water.
    • Lock your possessions with a stainless steel slam latch that comes with two keys.
    • Chopped fiberglass strand construction with gel coat outer shell.
    • 304 stainless steel hinges and spring locks allow door to open and close with ease.
    • 304 stainless steel mounting hardware with nyloc nuts hold up to the roughest of waters.
    • Outside dimension- 23-3/4" wide X front taper height 9-1/2" & rear taper height 9" X top depth 15-1/2" X bottom depth 13"
    • Inside dimensions- 20-1/4" wide X front taper height 9" & rear taper height 8-1/2" X top depth 13-1/2" X bottom depth 11-3/4"
  • T-Top Storage Bag

    The redesigned Fishmaster T-Top Storage Bag features a new patent pending design that offers removable inner storage dividers that are designed to reduce sagging while mounted to your t-top.

    • Patent Pending Design features inner compartments designed to reduce sagging and improve organization.
    • Features a total of seven external pockets, 4 zippered & 3 mesh, to give you more storage space.
    • T-Top Storage Bag easily mounts to the top section of your t-top, bimini, or other structure.
    • Huge interior storage area - 36" X 18" X 6" is great for Storing up to 6 type-II life jackets (not included) as well as towels, jackets, sunscreen, and more.
    • Storage Bag is ventilated so that contents inside does not mold or mildew.
    • GUARANTEED AWESOME! - Love it or Return it
  • Fishmaster Original T-Top Windshield
    Note: Only fits the Original Fishmaster T-Top (does not fit the Pro Series T-Top) - Please allow 7-10 days to be custom sewn

    Now you can fish every season with our Fishmaster Original T-Top windshield. This t-top windshield acts as a barrier against unpleasant weather and is crafted to fit snugly on your Fishmaster Original Folding T-Top. If you are aiming to just keep your eye on the prize, our t-top splash guard will help keep your vision clear when the waters are unruly. Once the waters calm, you can roll up the windshield in a matter of seconds. Match your windshield to your t-top with our Sunbrella canvas.

    • Protects you against the cold wind and wet weather.
    • Attaches quickly and easily.
    • Custom sewn to fit your Original Fishmaster T-Top.
    • Constructed with .040 Marine Grade Clear Vinyl.
    • Rolls up for easy storage.
    • Attaches with eleven 2 inch canvas straps with no skid rubber lining to prevent sliding or movement.
    • Measures 41" tall and sewn to the specific width of your t-top
    • Match your T-Top canvas.
  • Fishmaster Original T-Top Enclosure
    Note: Only fits the Original Fishmaster T-Top (does not fit the Pro Series T-Top) - Please allow 7-10 days to be custom sewn

    Beat out the wind and wet weather with our Fishmaster Original t-top enclosure. Our t-top enclosure acts as a barrier against unpleasant weather and is crafted to fit snugly on your Original Fishmaster T-Top. Keep your eye on the prize with our Fishmaster t-top enclosure. Match your enclosure to your t-top with our Sunbrella canvas.

    • Acts as a barrier to protect you against cold and wet weather.
    • Attaches quickly and easily.
    • Custom sewn to fit your Original Fishmaster T-Top.
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What are the best accessories for fishing?

While many of your decisions are based on necessity, you’ll find that you wished you had a few extra T-top accessories on the boat to make your trip a little more relaxing. For starters, a rod holder lets you store your fishing rod when it’s not being used. The adjustable fishing rod holder can quickly and easily mount to your T-Top. With a swivel mount and rotating clamp, you can position your rod any way you want.

If you’re looking for something a little less bulky, try a couple Outrigger Holders instead. While they serve a different purpose, as you’ve read earlier, you can just as easily place them on your T-Top with the right angle in mind and continue to troll fish all day. Aluminum and stainless steel fasteners assure the owner that they’ll be able to last a long time. If you want your outriggers to be permanently installed, reach for a couple of mounting brackets.

What accessories offer passenger safety?

Safety while out on the water is a top priority for any angler, whether they’re fishing recreationally or professionally. Our boat T-Top accessories can assist you in staying safe on the water. From enclosures to windshields, and stabilizing bars, Fishmaster™ first and foremost wants you to look out for yourself and others.

Weather Safety

For the trips that may involve a little bit of rough weather, you can utilize windshields and enclosures for a little extra protection. These boat t-top accessories will act as a barrier against any unforeseen weather elements. The Fishmaster™ Windshield offers a snug fit on the T-Top while giving the driver a full view minus the water interference. When it’s not needed, simply roll it up and continue to enjoy the day. For rough weather, attach an enclosure for extra protection. Our enclosures protect against the wind and rain and can be matched up with our Sunbrella® canvas for a little extra style.

Personal Safety

It’s important to keep your marine T-Top accessories safe, but your own safety on the waters is just as important. For your own safety, we recommend reaching for a deck mounted grab bar.

T-Top Stability

A stabilizer bar, standoff pack or vertical braces will safely secure your T-Top with each piece offering a different feature for safety. The stabilizer bar adds stability to your T-Top and is width adjustable between 24-50 inches. The standoff pack also adds security but is only needed for consoles less than 30 inches in height. Vertical braces are key to significantly increase T-Top stability and is a great tool for heavily accessorized T-Tops over 100 pounds.

What are the best accessories for low visibility?

If you’re out on the water until the sun goes down, you’re going to need some extra pieces to help you see where you want to go. For those darker nights, consider having some LED lights and LED light bars to get you started.

LED (light-emitting diode) lights are great for longer outings. They’ll burn out less often and can emit more light at a lower wattage than a standard light bulb. When used in combination with a series of LED’s, you’ll be able to see better and travel safer. For the best views, consider a one of our light bars. These can be attached to your boat for singular viewing or be placed on your T-Top to get the best visibility in the dark waters. An LED wiring harness allows you to turn the lights on or off, giving you ultimate control.

Where am I Going to Store all These Items?

For your cup holders, beverage containers and the like, consider using a storage pack. These are handy for smaller, quick-to-get-to accessories that simply hold everyday items and won’t cause too much stress if they become lost at sea. To store larger items that also require quick accessibility, we offer the T-Top Storage Bag. This bag simply affixes to your t-top with durable Velcro, and is ventilated to avoid mildew build-up. Lots of our customers use the T-top Storage Bag to store lifejackets, which helps free up deck space. To keep some of your more important accessories in one place, grab an electronics box. This tightly-sealed box is waterproof, made of strong fiberglass material and has a pair of locking keys that will keep your important gear from getting wet. Knowing all your items will stay dry allows you to enjoy the seas without losing important items.