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Fishing Platforms and Rails

If you're planning on fishing the flats, a Fishmaster casting platform is a must. Get a better vantage point and make spotting fish or finding bait schools a breeze.
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  1. Casting Platform

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  2. Leaning Rail for Casting Platform

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  3. Bow Rail Mounted Fishing Rod Holder

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  4. Deck Mounted Grab Bar

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What are the dimensions of the casting platform?

Our casting platforms measure at 16.5 inches high. With almost a foot-and-a-half of additional height for a better view of the water, you’ll have the flexibility to move about with your rod. Your standing surface measures at 32 inches x 23 inches; or approximately 736 square inches of space. This allows you to move smoothly along the surface as you’re fishing.

Is the Casting Platform stable?

A casting tie down kit is able to hold the platform in place; letting you move about without having to worry about the platform tipping, keeping you from falling into the water. Each casting platform attaches to the platform of the boat via tie down kit. A twist knob tightens the platform to the desired strength for additional stability. A non-skid surface assures any user won’t slip and adds life to the platform.

Can the Casting Platform Leaning Rail be added at a later time?

Our leaning rail, set at the perfect height for optimal stability, can be installed and removed at any time. It’s best to consider the height of your boat’s rails when deciding on whether you should add this accessory to your platform.

Is the Casting Platform easy to remove and store?

Our casting platforms are as easy to remove as they are to install. Simply undo your tie-down kit, remove the legs and store the platform anywhere on your boat.

How strong is the Casting Platform? Can it hold a lot of weight?

Our platforms are made with durability and strength in mind. With a weight capacity of 250 pounds, you’re assured the platform won’t give way with continuous usage.

What materials is the Casting Platform made from?

The deck is made using high-grade fiberglass; a perfect watercraft accessory. The material is able to withstand salt water as well as the sun’s rays with very little maintenance. Each of the four legs is made with polished and anodized aluminum, offering a strong base. All of the hardware is made with stainless steel.

Do you make a casting platform that is taller?

We currently have the 16.5 inch model available; the perfect height for nearly any boat.

Which rod holder fits the Casting Platform Leaning Rail?

Our Rail Mount Rod Holder measures at 1.66 inches, giving you the perfect fit for the Casting Platform Leaning Rail.

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