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Mate Series Rod Holders

Upon first glance, Mate Series appears to be a regular run-of-the-mill cup holder, however, looks can be deceiving. Take a second look, and you will find that this cup holder doubles as a rod holder!

The Mate Series solves two problems in one product. Install this Rod/Cup Holder Combo on your boat and you will always have a space for your fishing rod or beverage. Plenty of anglers have a similar experience of hooking a fish with drink in hand. These cup holders make it so you can quickly put your drink down and reel in your fish. A must-have for saving on deck space and is customizable with drain, angle, or color options to best match your boat’s aesthetic.

Rod Cup Holder Standout Features

  • Available in Three Different Angles
  • ABS Plastic or 316L Stainless Steel
  • Two Different Drain Options
  • Fast DIY Installation

Mate Series

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Rod Holder/Cup Holder is Available in Three Styles

Angler Chooses the Angle

The Mate Series rod cup holders are customizable to fit each angler's individual needs. Lots of our customers will opt for a variety of rod holder angles, depending on where they need to place their fishing rod. Available in 0º , 15º , and 30º, so you will have all angles covered from port to starboard. Photos above show the rod cup holders at 15º.

Plastic or Stainless Steel

The right rod cup holder will depend on the location of your normal fishing spot. The ABS plastic option is a tad more budget friendly and will bode well in stiller waters. ABS plastic is going to be stronger than fiberglass or nylon, so it is the best economy material on the market. The Elite and Stainless are made of 316L stainless steel which will give you a little extra oomph when trying to hook a larger fish. Stainless steel is a high quality metal that can handle the sun and extra tension.

Drain Options

The Mate Series rod holders are offered with two different drain types: Open or NPT. The open drain allows water to simply pass through. The NPT drain uses fittings to connect to drain lines.

Easiest Rod Holder Installation

The design of the rod cup holder combination makes for simple installation. Most rod holders on the market require holding the drill at an angle which can make installation tricky. The cup holder component alleviates this issue so installation can be done quickly with a right angle hole-saw cut. We also offer a backing plate that can be used in conjunction with the plastic or stainless rod cup holders for additional reinforcement.