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Standout Features

  • Leaning Post features a Sturdy Framework

  • 1.9" 6061-T6 Marine-Grade Aluminum

  • Fast DIY Installation

  • Waterfall-Contoured Foam Seat and Flip Down Footrest Offer Added Comfort

  • Comes with Three Integrated Rod Holders

  • Accommodates a 72 Quart or 31 7/8" (W) Cooler Beneath the Seat

  • Satisfaction 100% guaranteed! Love it or return it.

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Product Description

Your Inexpensive, Easy-to-Install Helm Seating Solution

When it comes to selecting a helm seating option for your fishing boat, you already know that the best move will be installing a leaning post. Choosing the right leaning post for your boat just became a whole lot easier, with the introduction of the new Fishmaster Original Leaning Post.

Standout Features
  • Economically Priced Leaning Post Doesn't Skimp on Materials
  • Constructed from Industry Standard 1.9" Marine-Grade Aluminum
  • Do It Yourself Installation - Assembles in less than an hour!
  • Flip Down Footrest to Perch Dangling Feet and Fold Back Up to Increase Deck Space
  • Contoured Foam Seat is Designed with a Waterfall Front Edge
  • Design Features 3 Integrated Rod Holders
  • Creates Space for a 72 Quart Igloo Cooler - or - Comparable Brand Ice Chest up to 31 7/8" (W)
  • Seat Dimensions 36" (W) - 16" (D) - 33 1/4" (H)
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Satisfaction 100% guaranteed! Love it or return it.
Note: OEM boat builders using this product are responsible to reinforce the boat deck at the mounting interface and to verify the system level requirements of ABYC H-31 Seat Structures has been satisfied. Individuals and Shipyards when retrofitting boats with this equipment may need to reinforce the deck floor locally where the seat frame connects to the deck.

Video Transcription: Hey guys, it's Katie Rose here from Fishmaster. Just wanted to go over a few great features with our Original White Leaning Posts. So, first off that this leaning post is great. It actually is designed to meet the ABYC H-31 leaning post standards. So that's a really great point of this. This leaning post also is going to complement your Original T-Top. So that's kind of our idea behind the difference of our leaning posts and T-Tops. So this one goes really great with the original. That being said, something else that's very similar is this piping here. The tubing is actually going to be 1.9 inches on the piping. That's also the piping on the Original T-Top that we have on our website or other places, our dealers, things like that. So it really compliments each other.

It's a great package. Great gifts as well, you know, so we'll get into some of the features though. So here we've got our foot rest. Like I said, this actually has the ability to be lifted up or be brought down. So it's really nice if you have a limited amount of space in between your center console and where you're putting this at. You kinda just want to gauge there but you know, if you're out on the water for quite some time or maybe you're trekking off those offshore fishing spots, it's really a great feature to have. That way you can get comfortable and sit there with your feet up. Or also like I said, pull it up and move around. So going to the back here and we have our three welded fishing rod holders. This is really nice cause it's all welded together in a seat, so it's really sturdy.

Also in the bottom of these rods we do have our gimbal pin, which we'll probably show you close above or we've got pictures somewhere on our website I'm sure. So the gimbal pin actually holds your rod in. So that way it's fully secure, especially in those long, like I said, offshore fishing trips, things like that. It really gives a lot of stability and structure there. We also have these inserts. These are great because whenever you're inserting your rods in and out, maybe you've got several people in your boat, things like that. You're taking a rods in and out all the time. So this is really going to protect your rods against things like marring, scratches, scuffs and then also protect this metal as well. So that way all your items that you have that you're putting in these all the rods, they're really well protected. So going around kind of the front of the leaning post here, you can see our Fishmaster logo proudly embroidered there on there.

You know, we think it's a great logo. We love, love our products, we really stand behind it. So we wanted to showcase that all. Also on our seats. You can see in the front we have got our waterfall design. So what's really nice about this cushion is in the front. Like I said, the waterfall design kind of gives it a really smooth, round curvature effect. This is really important, especially if we're sitting down for a long time or you know, maybe you've got to hop up to grab that line or something like that. And it kind of just creates a, a lot more comfort with having that curvature there. Some of the seats in the industry kind have a sturdier, not sturdier back, but a, flatter area, flatter surface there in the front. So we really put a lot of time in designing this so that way it'd be more comfortable.

We've also got a lot of foam, a lot of cushion on this, so it's really great. Like I said, for long hauls, long trips, things like that. Another great feature about this seat is the foam that we're actually using has got flow-through technology in it. So what it is or what makes it so great is first thing, early in the morning, whenever you come out, you're ready to go fishing. You can sit on it and not get wet. And that's a great feature to me. Also, it really helps maybe if you've gotten caught out on your boat during a heavy downpour, you can actually sit on the seat and not get wet due to that flow through technology on the foam. So there's a lot of great features there and a lot of ways to kind of keep you covered and keep you dry.

The other great part about this Original Leaning Post is there's plenty of room, plenty of storage. So my favorite part probably is it'll actually fit a 72 quart cooler under there. Um, yeah, this is great. If you want to keep fish on the boat, if you want to keep snacks, lunch, drinks, whatever you want to keep it's gonna keep it cool and that's really great because then that way it's kinda double duty and you've got plenty of room to get up under here and um, fit that so for right now guys, that's all we have on our features for the Original White Leaning Post. So give us a call or check out our website, fishmaster.com. Thanks!