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Where to Go Fishing

Where to Go Fishing
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Each year as warm weather approaches, anglers across the country gear up for their first fishing trip of the season. Whether you’ll be fishing in fresh or saltwater, inland or offshore, we hope to help you find the perfect fishing spot so you can get out on the water and get started fishing!

Freshwater Fishing Spots

Freshwater fishing offers an incredible variety of options in the type of areas you’ll be fishing, the type of fish you’ll be catching, and so much more. One fishing trip may be vastly different from the next depending on the type of water you choose to fish in. Below are some of the most popular freshwater fishing areas and what you can expect from each:

  • Lakes

    If calm, serene waters are your preference, fishing in a lake is the perfect spot for you! Especially in small lakes, waters tend to be relatively still and provide a more relaxing experience than you’ll get in any other body of water. You’ll also want to keep in mind that many lakes are stocked with fish periodically which can provide a more predictable fishing experience.

  • Rivers and Streams

    Rivers and streams tend to have more water movement than lakes and, depending on the body of water, can provide a more challenging (and thrilling) fishing experience. Unlike lakes, rivers and streams are not stocked which means you’ll need to know a little bit more about the migratory patterns of fish you hope to catch. Being prepared with knowledge of what you expect to find in your river at a given time of year can help you be prepared with the right bait for a successful fishing trip.

Saltwater Fishing Spots

Saltwater fishing, on the other hand, has less variety in the areas you’ll be fishing but more than makes up for it in the wider variety of fish to catch.

  • Offshore Fishing

    Most of your saltwater fishing opportunities will be found offshore. Whether you choose to fish from a center console boat, a kayak, a canoe, or any other vessel you’re going to encounter similar experiences. The level of difficulty will depend entirely on how far out into the ocean you plan to travel, how rough the waters are, and what species of fish you’re after.

  • Surf Fishing

    Surf fishing is another popular method of saltwater fishing that doesn’t actually require a boat! Instead, surf fishermen set up on a beach and cast their lines into the surf. This method relies heavily on anglers being able to read ever-changing conditions in seasons, tides, weather, and more. While it may seem limiting to fish only in the surf, it’s actually a great option for both beginner and pro anglers and offers access to a variety of fish species that live close to shore like flounder and mackerel.

  • Flats Fishing

    Flats fishing is also known as sight fishing and is done in areas of incredibly shallow water with little to no topography. Because of the shallow water, anglers are able to quite literally fish by sight (sometimes with extra height for a better view added by a casting platform.) As one would expect, flats fishing is an incredibly visual sport that requires significant attention to detail so it may be frustrating to beginner anglers but can provide a welcome challenge to more seasoned fishermen.

Find Your Next Fishing Spot

Finding the ideal fishing spot takes a little research. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all pertinent fishing information in one spot?

Now you can with the Where to Fish interactive map. If you have a certain fish you wish to hook or need to know the weather forecast, all you need to do is type your zip code in the search bar below. You will even find logged catches of fellow anglers in your area!

  1. Type in your location.
  2. Zoom in and filter the map.
  3. Find your local fishing vendor or spot.

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