Mate Series ABS Plastic Rod Cup Holder


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Stand Out Features

  • Drill One Hole for a Dual Purpose Rod and Cup Holder

  • Solves the Problem of Where to Put Your Beverage When You Have a Fish On the Hook

  • Made of ABS Plastic

  • Comes in 0º, 15º, or 30º

  • Quick Installation

  • Drain Barb on 0º, 15º, Open on 30º

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Product Description

Made of ABS Plastic, the Rod Cup Holder Combo is the perfect way to save room on your boat. Available in 0º, 15º, or 30º so you can customize to fit the rod you use. The Mate Series Rod Cup Holder also has faster installation compared to other rod holders since you only need a right angle hole-saw to get the job done. Sturdy ABS Plastic is performs better in stiller waters where you may not see larger fish. We also offer Stainless Steel!

Two Color Options

The ABS Plastic Rod Cup Holder is available in black or white, so you can choose the color that would best match your boat's accents. The color options may give you pause due to how it can react in the sun, but ABS performs well when exposed to the sun. ABS plastic handles UV Radiation due to its high melting point and will break down in heat. We do, however, offer a round or oval stainless steel top for a different look.