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Can Fishing Boats be Used for Watersports?

Can Fishing Boats be Used for Watersports?
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Did you know your fishing boat can pull more than just a bait or lure? With the right accessories and setup, your fishing boat can be used to pull riders for tubing, wakeboarding, and other watersports. In this article we will make some recommendations on how you can improve the watersports experience when using a fishing boat, and suggest products that work well for combining fishing and watersports.

How to Use a Fishing Boat for Watersports

We know there are some serious anglers out there that might raise an eyebrow at the thought of using their fishing boat for watersports, but there are a lot of reasons why, for many, it just makes sense. Boats, in general, are a significant investment, so why not transform it into something multifunctional? With a multipurpose boat, you, your family, and your friends can enjoy time on the water fishing, tubing, wakeboarding, water skiing, and more, without needing more than one boat.

fishing boat pulling man on towable tube

Now, it’s true that not every fishing boat is going to be able to tow for watersports, but this has less to do with your boat and everything to do with your motor. To pull a rider, your boat needs to be able to go fast, and that’s just not something every motor can accomplish. The recommended motor size for pulling a tube is between 115 and 150 HP. This changes depending on how many riders you’re pulling and the size of the tube. If you’ll be pulling watersports riders instead, this will also impact the demands on your motor. In general, however, if your motor size falls within this range, it should be able to tow riders.

What equipment do you need to tow from a fishing boat?

The first and most important thing you need to be able to tow riders from a fishing boat is a tow point. We recommend the Turboswing universal ski tow bar. Here’s why:

Turboswing is designed to work cooperatively with virtually any outboard motor, so there’s a good chance that it will work with your fishing boat’s motor. It should also work with your boat’s existing setup, since it comes in a variety of models that can account for different accessories you may have installed. It’s quick and easy to install, attaching directly to your boat’s transom, and even easier to remove if needed.

turboswing universal ski tow bar

You shouldn’t need to remove the tow bar from your boat for fishing though. The best thing about choosing Turboswing for a fishing boat is that it doesn’t take up space. While other options, like ski pylons or wakeboarding towers, take up valuable space and could impede your casting abilities, Turboswing sits out of the way on the very back of your boat.

How to Store Watersports Gear on Your Boat

To keep even more space free on board your boat, we also recommend storing your watersports gear with a rack system. Manta Racks are a go-to storage solution for storing paddleboards, wakeboards, kayaks, and more on fishing boats because they mount to your boat’s fishing rod holders. Fishing boats typically don’t have built-in board storage, so adding a rack system means that you can have a dedicated place to stow your watersports board when it isn’t in use.

man installing manta racks on fishing boat

Getting Ready to Tow for the First Time

If you’re transforming your fishing boat into a multipurpose boat capable of towing for watersports, then you might need a few other accessories to get ready to tow for the first time. In addition to Turboswing and a rack system, you’ll also need a tow rope, a towable tube, and life jackets for each of your riders. If your boat is already equipped with a t-top, you can amp up the fun with some t-top speakers. Don’t have a t-top yet? No worries! There are lots of other speakers you can choose from to finish your boat’s transformation.

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