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Choosing Speakers for Your Fishing Boat

Choosing Speakers for Your Fishing Boat
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Nothing is more fun than being out on the water, enjoying music playing from your boat’s stereo system while you play water sports or just hang out. If you want an excellent sound system for your boat, you’ll need marine-grade speakers that can withstand outdoor elements, but how do you decide what will work best for your boat and application? Keep reading to learn more about choosing the best speakers for your fishing boat.

What sets boat speakers apart from other speakers?

You may be asking yourself why you can’t get just any type of speaker to put on your boat. The stereo system on a boat is exposed to extreme temperatures, sunshine, salt, and water, so you want your speakers to be able to withstand these elements. Some of the major things you should consider when looking for boat speakers are:

  • Water resistance - These speakers are designed to handle splashes and light rain but are not made for submersion in water.
  • UV resistance - Since you’ll be out when it’s sunny, you want your gear to be UV resistant to avoid sun damage.
  • Corrosion resistance - Especially if you are out in salt water, corrosion can damage your equipment, so you should choose gear that is resistant to corrosion.

Types of Speakers to Consider

Choosing the type of speaker you want for your boat completely depends on your personal preferences and your boat’s configuration. There are a variety of speaker types available, and knowing more about each type can help you decide what setup would be best for your boat.

knx speaker pair

T-Top Speakers

T-top speakers are designed to mount on your boat’s t-top. These speakers are ideal for anyone who wants high-quality sound, because the higher up the speakers are mounted, the better the listening experience will be. T-top speakers are easier to install compared to flush-mount, or in-boat, speakers, but they can be bulky for the aesthetic of your boat.

Our t-top boat speakers come in single and double barrels, and the determining factor on what type you want is the sound experience you’re looking for. The single barrel speakers have one speaker per mount, while the double barrel speakers come with a swivel mount, making it easy to reposition, and have two speakers instead of one.

hertz in-boat speaker with led lighting

In-Boat Speakers

Another type of marine speaker is an in-boat speaker. They are designed to be installed in the walls of your boat, sitting flush instead of mounting onto another part of the boat. Since in-boat speakers are flush mounted, they create a more pleasing look compared to t-top speakers, but they can be more difficult to install.

The major difference between a t-top speaker and an in-boat speaker is where they are mounted. By mounting speakers to your t-top, you have complete control over the direction the sound travels and you can adjust their position at any time to change that direction. On the other hand, with in-boat speakers that have a fixed position you have less control over the sound’s direction. You can even pair the in-boat speakers to your boat with t-top speakers for a fuller sound experience while you’re out on the water.

Accessories for Your Sound System

If you really want to enhance your music experience while you’re out on a boat, there are several accessories to choose from. Each piece of technology works to enhance the sound system in your boat in a different way, all while being element resistant for marine use. Learn more about different types of accessories below:

wet sounds marine subwoofer enclosure


Anyone who wants a heavy bass sound in their music will want to add a subwoofer to their sound system. These subwoofers deliver an impressive full range of low-pitch frequencies to create the sound you love, all while having positive impacts on your speakers. By adding a subwoofer to your sound system, it takes over the low-range frequencies of the music, so the speakers provide a better quality of mid- and high-range frequencies.

rockford fosgate punch marine amplifier


By adding an amplifier to your boat’s sound system, you can enhance its power, giving you fantastic sound at a high volume. Most sound systems that don’t use amplifiers end up with distorted sound and power taken away from the existing system.

wet sounds media center source unit

Source Units

Controlling your entire sound system is simple with a source unit. Most of these receivers have symbols that are easy to understand and use. Depending on your preference, there are several ways you can control the music from these source units. You can connect to the receiver through Bluetooth on phones, or you can use USB ports or an AUX cable.

marine speaker audio cable

Audio Accessories

If you truly want to customize the experience of listening to music on your boat, there are several different kinds of audio accessories you can add to the sound system. Make your system easy to control from anywhere on the boat with a remote. Get a rocker controller to change up the lights on your sound system with the flip of a switch. Enhance the mid-range of your sound system by installing a tweeter. There are several ways you can customize your sound system on your boat with a variety of audio accessories.

Picking the right type of marine speakers for your boat can be simple when you know what to look for! Ready to enhance your boat’s sound system? Explore our selection of marine audio technology, and pick up the accessories you need to get started!

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