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How-to Maintain My Fishmaster T-Top

How-to Maintain My Fishmaster T-Top
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3 Preventative Steps to Make Your T-Top Last

Fishmaster t-tops are constructed of aluminum tubing and feature an anodized finish, which is ideal for marine environments. Without the anodized finish, aluminum is vulnerable to oxidation - a form of corrosion. Fishmaster uses aluminum because it produces a strong t-top, without adding extraneous weight.

FIshmaster proudly covers each t-top with Sunbrella™ marine canvas. This fabric is extremely durable and available in a variety of colors. Sunbrella™ is designed to last many years despite wind, rain, and sun exposure.

Fishmaster uses superior materials in every t-top to ensure you get many years of enjoyment and use. For maximum longevity, some basic maintenance is required.

  • Rinse Aluminum with Soap and Water

    Water spots cause the finish on your t-top to appear dull. Counter the inevitable by rinsing with mild soap and water after each outing. This will keep water spots at bay and make your t-top shine. Rinsing after each use is especially important in saltwater environments. Salt can cause pitting of the aluminum which can lead to corrosion. After you rinse make sure to wipe dry, or you will create new water spots.

  • Tighten Hardware

    After your embark with your Fishmaster t-top for the first time, make sure to tighten all the bolts. Repeat this after every 3 to 4 uses.

  • Prevent Mildew

    Dirt and dust can get embedded in the Sunbrella™ fabric, which becomes a breeding ground for mildew. Sunbrella™ provides valuable UV protection while on the water, but this capability can be challenged by mildew. Combat mildew build-up by rinsing your t-top fabric after each use with clean water. Allow your t-top fabric to air-dry before storing you boat or wrapping for the winter. Do not use harsh detergents. Sunbrella&trade is fade-resistant so you can safely rinse your t-top fabric.

  • Wax Each Season

    Wax your t-top's aluminum once or twice each season with car or boat wax. We recommend Flitz polish, which Fishmaster ships for free with every t-top order. Wax will effectively protect the anodized finish from harsh marine elements. Wax will also protect from scratches that can make your t-top more susceptible to corrosion or rust.

Basic maintenance increases the longevity of your folding t-top. Most people wipe down their boat after each use, so extend that preventative treatment to your t-top. Marine environments are tough on metal. A little TLC goes a long way!

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