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Fishmaster Folding T-Tops Are HOA Friendly

Fishmaster Folding T-Tops Are HOA Friendly
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Fishmaster Patented Fold Perfect for Neighborhoods

It is no secret that boat t-tops make fishing a more enjoyable experience. They hold your fishing accessories, light the way, and provide balance for when the seas kick up. T-tops can make your life easier - except when you live in a neighborhood that has a Homeowner’s Association!

Did You Know?

Fishmaster t-tops features patent #7418918 that allows anglers to fold their t-top not once, but twice.

This second fold in the canvas makes storage simple and is great for boat owner’s with a HOA!

fishmaster folding t-top

T-Top Not Visible Behind Fence

A common issue for anglers living in neighborhoods is the HOA requirement that structures not exceed the height of the fence. Not everyone has a garage to store their boat, so the next best thing is storing in the backyard with a t-top console cover. Other aftermarket t-tops will likely be visible above the fence since they either don’t fold at all or only once. The second fold in the canvas on Fishmaster t-tops brings the overall height low enough to eliminate visibility over fences. Our patented design makes Fishmaster t-tops an aftermarket t-top that is HOA friendly!

Folds Twice for Garage Storage

Some HOAS may require that homeowners not have a boat in the driveway at all. A common problem with other aftermarket t-tops is that they don’t fold low enough to make it into a garage. The second canvas fold puts the Fishmaster t-top at a height of 50 inches, providing plenty of clearance to get your boat and t-top into any standard garage.

Folding our t-tops is extremely simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. Whether you have the Pro Series or Original t-top, Fishmaster quick release knobs can replace the bolts in the top section and side support break away points for a quick fold down. Not only will our patented design help your t-top be HOA compliant, it comes in handy when approaching low bridges or for dry stack storage.

We proudly use our patented double-fold design on both our Pro Series and Original T-Top. Each t-top by Fishmaster meets OEM standards of manufacturing and are associated with a serial number to so we can track the care of our t-tops. A Fishmaster, our goal is to create products that help anglers focus on fishing and leave things like being HOA compliant back on the land.

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