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Catching Big Fish

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Catching Big Fish

How to Hook A Trophy Fish

Every fishing season anglers set out to hook their trophy fish.

Whether you are aiming to catch record large mouth bass or a giant blue marlin, preparation is key. Examine your tactics with these proven fishing tips by Fishmaster.

  1. Location, location, location!
    Lots of anglers have their go-to spot. Wind, current, shade and time of day all play key rolls in the migration of bait fish. If you are aiming for quality over quantity this season, switching up your fishing-hole location may help you land that trophy fish.

  2. Check Tournament Records Near You
    If you are in the hunt for one species in particular, increase your chances by checking local tournament records for the specific fish you seek. Find your state records here.

  3. Wrong Bait
    Catching big fish will not be done with bite-sized snacks. If your bait looks small in your hand, you may need to consider up-sizing. Types of trophy fish bait you can use are colossal crankbaits, horse-sized ballyhoo, or a rigged blackfin.

  4. Patience is a Virtue
    Experienced anglers know that sometimes you just don’t have a good day. You know the saying: "That's why they call it fishing not catching." Trophy fishing is a hard feat, so be prepared for fishless days and avoid getting frustrated by revisiting the reason you fish: Because you love it!
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