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How-to Wire a T-Top for LED Lights

How-to Wire a T-Top for LED Lights
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Two Ways to Wire a Fishmaster T-Top

Today we're going to be wiring a Fishmaster LED Spreader Light, as well as, a Fishmaster LED Navigation Light to our Pro Series T-Top. Now this same process can be used to wire to the Pro Series T-Top, as well as, the Original T-Top. Let’s get started!

Depending on where you're mounting your light, there are several paths you can take to get to the center console or electronic box. The same wiring concept works on any wiring job you do on a Fishmaster T-Top.

Option 1: How-to Wire Inside a Fishmaster T-Top

The first thing you need to do when running the wiring inside the tubing on your Fishmaster T-Top, is determining where the first wire entry hole is going to be where the first wire exit hole is going to be. Mark the spots with a sharpie pen and drill out the holes.

mark t-top with sharpie

After using a 3/8" drillbit to drill the holes, you can start inserting the tinned wire on one end and pulling it out the other end.

pull wire through t-top

how to wire t-top

IMPORTANT! When you come to a hinge, use a 3/8" drillbit to drill your hole 2” above and 2” below the hinge because there's a 1” metal block inside the tubing that the hinges weld to. Where the hinges are you may want to put quick disconnects, so that you can disconnect the wires when folding the T-Top. Continue this process of drilling the holes and running the wire until you get to your desired location, such as electronic box or console.

To give your wiring job a clean look and to keep water from going into the T-Top frame, many people choose to use rubber grommets to go around the wire and into the drilled holes. Many people also use wiring loom to cover the wires.

rubber grommets t-top

In summary, what we did is come into the tubing here at our navigation light and our spreader light, went around the tubing here, and came out here at the break. Make sure you stay 2” back from the welds, used quick disconnect here for our wiring, came back in on the other side of the break, around through the tubing into the side upright, down into the console.

Option 2: How-to Wire Outside a Fishmaster T-Top

Today we're going to show you a second option for wiring the lights on the t top. It's probably the most popular option, and that is to run the wiring on the outside of the tubing. Let me show you how we do that.

First, run your tinned wire inside the plastic tubing. Next, run the plastic tubing with the tinned wire inside the lace of the T-Top cover in the frame as shown here. You will run the plastic tubing through the lace until you get to the front leg.

run wire in plastic tubing
run wire inside lace

Now use a 3/8" drillbit to drill an entry hole at the top of the leg below the cradle. Next, use a 3/8" drillbit to drill an exit hole above the hinge.

drill hole below cradle

Now run the tinned wire inside the tubing of the T-Top leg from the top just under the cradle to the exit hole just above the hands and into your console.

run wire through tubing

In summary, what we did was run our wire inside of wire loom along the outside of the tubing along the top section with the front leg of the T-Top at the front leg. We went inside the tubing down the leg and back outside the tubing at the hinge pin into the console. This completes the installation!

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