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The Superstitious Fisherman: Bad Weather Myth

The Superstitious Fisherman: Bad Weather Myth
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Fishing Myths Busted – Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away!

Myths are a part of the territory when it comes to fishing. Most time-honored traditions have a host of myths associated with them, because factual evidence may have not yet been accessible or proven. Sailors and fishermen of yore attempted to make sense of the sea, which led to some myths about fishing during cloudy days or thunderstorms..

Science has brought us weather forecasts and education on fish behavior, so we are better prepared before hitting the water. From myths about fishing during thunderstorms to avoiding overcast days, you may find that a little planning is the only thing keeping you from a great day on the water!

cloudy day fishing

  • Fishing on Cloudy Days

    Cloudy days in the forecast does not mean your fishing trip is cancelled. Switching up your bait may be the only thing keeping you from catching your trophy fish. Before we were able to predict weather with accuracy, anglers did not have the tools to check weather conditions prior to setting out for the day. Now we can predict if there is going to be a cloudy day and adjust accordingly. A cloudy day does mean lower visibility for fish, however, you can just choose to get darker colored bait to remedy this problem.

  • Fishing Before or After a Thunderstorm

    It is no secret weather patterns effect fish behavior. They are sensitive to pressure changes and water temperature, however, this does not mean that you are guaranteed to have a bad fishing day before or after a storm. Adjusting your fishing tactics may be the only thing keeping you from a successful day on the water!

    Thunderstorms cause lots of moment in the water, so there will be more oxygen in the water after the storm. Higher oxygen levels in the water activates fish, which causes them to burn more calories and then feed. Active fish means a good fishing day, however, rain cools the water, so fish will dwell deeper.

    Heavy rains may cause the water to cool after the storm, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of fish closer to the surface before the storm hits. Attract surface dwelling fish before the storm and bottom feeding fish post storm. A thunderstorm doesn’t have to ruin your fishing day - It can even prompt anglers to get the best of both worlds!

It is easy to understand why fishing myths stick around. Even if you plan ahead and adjust your bait to the weather conditions, you may not catch any fish. Trying to figure out what went wrong is part of being a human. The truth is, the fish could just not be biting that day!

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