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What to do When Your T-Top Shade Isn't Enough

What to do When Your T-Top Shade Isn't Enough
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As we enter the second half of summer, the heat might be miserable to most. Is the constant sun beaming down on your boat making your voyages slightly less fun? Is your t-top shade just not enough to keep you cool? Fishmaster has a couple options to help – Extend the Shade™ and ShadeFin™.

While a t-top offers more shade than your boat’s stock shade, it also increases the resale value of your boat. These shades also allow you to travel at whatever speed you desire without having to take it down. Not only does it protect your from the sun, but it also can protect you from the rain if you happen to get caught out in it. However, a downfall can be the amount of shade a t-top’s canopy provides, especially if you want to provide shade to more than the boat’s driver. It is not huge and only offers a small amount of coverage. That is where these extensions come into play.

Extend the Shade™

The Extend the Shade is an easy-to-install, removable, and portable extension for your t-top canopy. It comes in five different sizes so there is an option for all. It features adjustable straps and poles that fit securely in rod holders to create a snug fit onto your t-top. The extension is made from a highly durable WeatherMax3D fabric. Not only is this material stretchable to create a universal fit, but also blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful rays. While this product is made as an extension for your stock shade, it is not recommended for use above 45mph.


Another option is the ShadeFin. This product is ocean-inspired and provides coverage for multiple areas of the boat – the aft, fore, sides, and or anywhere there is a rod holder. The ShadeFin™ is made to fit snugly into rod holders for convenience and portability. Like the Extend the Shade, the ShadeFin™ is also made of WeatherMax3D fabric. This product has dimensions of five feet wide and six feet long. It also provides an UPF of 50+ – kiss those sunburns goodbye.

Sitting – might we say “baking” – on a boat in the sun all day is not very fun. Especially when you are trying to fish. Adding the much-needed shade will give you the ability to thoroughly enjoy your day out on the water. The extra shade that is cast around the boat might even help bring more bites to your line.

These products are the perfect addition to your t-tops. Whether you are trying to give yourself more shade while you are out and about or create more shade for your passengers, either of these shade extensions will get the job done.

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