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Why Fishmaster Chooses Premium Sunbrella Canvas

Why Fishmaster Chooses Premium Sunbrella Canvas
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When you invest in accessories for your boat you want to be sure that they provide the ultimate protection and comfort while you’re out on the water. Sunbrella fabric works great on t-tops to make your boat look stylish and protect your boat from the elements, as well as providing you with shade and sun protection. Learn all about this premium fabric cover and why we choose to use it on our t-tops.

sunbrella logo

Sunbrella fabric is made of 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic. The fabric is saturated with color and UV-stabilized pigments before it is spun into yarn, which causes the color to go through all of the fibers and ensures it will stay vibrant throughout its life. This process also provides durability, fade resistance, and protects against harmful UV rays. Fishmaster T-Tops are available with 9 different colors of Sunbrella canvas to create the perfect aesthetic you want for your boat.

sunbrella black canvas swatch


sunbrella pacific blue canvas swatch

Pacific Blue

sunbrella captain navy canvas swatch

Captain Navy

sunbrella cadet grey canvas swatch

Cadet Grey

sunbrella turquoise canvas swatch


sunbrella burgundy canvas swatch


sunbrella jockey red canvas swatch

Jockey Red

sunbrella forest green canvas swatch

Forest Green

sunbrella sunflower yellow canvas swatch

Sunflower Yellow

Since you will be out on the water, Sunbrella has engineered their fabrics to handle the elements, including the sun, rain, salt, or humidity. These fabrics are resistant to all kinds of wear and tear, withstanding anything you will face while you’re out on the lake or ocean. Instead of applying a protective finish layer that will rub away over time, Sunbrella uses stain-resistant technology throughout each fiber to keep the fabric looking clean over time. The fabric is also mildew and mold resistant, but if environmental elements do cause these issues, you can clean the cover with a bleach solution. For other dirty spots, you can clean the fabric with a dry cloth, mild soap, and warm water.

water droplets on sunbrella marine canvas

Comfort is a top priority with Sunbrella. They don’t want your boat to just look great, they want you to feel great beneath the cover on a sunny day out on the water. Some fabric covers trap in heat from the sun, making you hot as you stand under the t-top’s canvas canopy. Instead, Sunbrella fabrics allow air to flow through the fibers, creating a comfortable boating experience.

Sunbrella fabrics are durable, comfortable, and stylish to provide you with everything you need in a t-top canopy. You don’t have to sacrifice durability over aesthetics or looks over practicality. You can have it all with a Fishmaster T-Top featuring premium Sunbrella canvas. Browse our selection of t-tops now and pick the one that fits your boat the best!

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