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Bay Stealth T-Tops

  1. looks great! | "The T-Top looks great on the boat! Took the boat out this weekend and the T-top did its job and provided us with shade. Should have gotten one sooner."

    Frank C. Morón BEEVILLE TX


  2. "I received my T-Top on Thursday of last week, installed it on Friday and had it on the water on Saturday! Great product and I've already got a lot of positive comments!"

    Jason Baugh


  3. "I have been looking at your website for at least a couple of years and just wasn’t sure since I had never seen one in person. I saw a boat for sale on Craigslist with your top on it and emailed the owner to ask what he thought about the T Top and he was well pleased with it so I ordered one. I was pleasantly surprised when I received it. The quality is good and looks great."

    Larry Thompson


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