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Edgewater T-Tops

  1. Fishmaster Pro Series T-Top | "Great T-Top for price. The install takes a little time and planning to get it right.. Take your time and it should work out fine. The grab rails and T-Top are beefy. Not been on very long we will see in time how it holds up in time in the saltwater.. So far so good. Great company to do business with. Great customer service. "



  2. Top Notch | "I went from having a bimini top to a Fishmaster Pro Series. Love my new Fishmaster T Top. It's like having a whole new boat"

    daniel finnegan Monson MA


  3. "I added a solar panel on top to trickle charge my batteries."

    Ramin Dehpahlavan


  4. Doug Roesch


  5. "thanks for a great product ! Truly a wonderful company to do business with"

    Eric Steuernagle


  6. "Here's my boat. Thanks, everything worked great."

    David Huff


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