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  1. "Last Monday I placed an order for a Fishmaster T-top with you and I was very excited that it was delivered on Thursday morning of the same week. The top is for my 2002 Everglades 230CC. When I arrived home from work on Thursday I started putting the top together. Well, once I started I just could not stop and by 8 that same evening I had the top installed in the boat. I was very happy to find that everything needed to install the top was included in the box. There was nothing I had to go out and purchase to install the top very complete. I did have to complete the installation the next morning of the canvas but the majority of the work was completed in less than 4 hours start to finish. The quality of the product is great, exactly what you described on your web site. We took the boat fishing on Saturday and what a great product, no problems, very quite and sound. This was exactly what I was looking for in a T-Top and the fact that it folds down is a big plus for storage and hauling the boat. I have attached several pictures as you requested and will proudly advertise the product for you."

    Jeffrey Steele


  2. "Modified Fishmaster T-Top. Shortened the front section and made it 9 inches less wide. Folds great and lays perfectly between the seats and rod lockers on the front deck."

    Bob Sale


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