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Frontier T-Tops

  1. Polished aluminum t-top with gray top | "Installation was fairly simple. Great addition to my boat. I am very happy with the improved look, not to mention getting the Texas sun off of my head and neck!"

    Jimmy C. Angleton TX


  2. "Awesome T-top, easy to install."

    Jerry Fletcher


  3. Bill Reynolds


  4. "As you can see in one of the photos, my center console was lower than the cross bar on the T-top. I had to angle the stand offs about 4 degrees. It seems solid and resonant with the rest of the boat."

    Bruce Ristich


  5. "I got your T-Top for Christmas and had my mechanic install it, he was impressed with ease of it. I have taken it out several times since and at first I wondered whether or not a "T-Top in a box" would hold up. The wind was up around 30mph and the waves were at 3ft and it held up great. It holds up well and I am very happy with it. I was impressed that you don't really loose any walking room around the center console, it is no wider than the poles you have in the holders now. It does take a little getting used to putting the poles in the holders because you have to fit them between the console and the Top. I had 4 lights installed and was concerned about the wiring being unpleasant to look at, but it is no different than a custom job there is very little wire exposure. I would recommend your product to anyone, it is a custom job without the custom prices."

    Ronnie Parson


  6. "Waldrop's 21 FT. Frontier. We could not be happier with our T-top. Every time I see someone at the ramp they make a commit about nice rig or nice top."

    Wesley Waldrop


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