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Elevate your fishing journey with a G3 boat outfitted with a Triumph t-top! Whether you need extra accessory space or sun protection, our t-tops are your go-to solution for extending your fishing adventures.

At Triumph, we excel in sun-blocking technology, utilizing Sunbrella® canvas, a material endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation. It's not just about the fabric; our Triumph t-tops are meticulously crafted from robust aluminum that undergoes either powder coating or anodization. These finishes are your assurance against corrosion and aluminum pitting, ensuring the longevity of your t-top. To enhance your fishing experience, we offer a comprehensive range of t-top accessories, and each t-top is designed for an effortless DIY installation.

Delve into the testimonials below and discover why an increasing number of customers entrust their fishing needs to Triumph t-tops by G3. Peruse reviews from fellow boaters, complete with authentic boat photos, to help you determine the ideal t-top for your fishing pursuits!

  1. Perfect addition to my boat | "Always wanted a T-top for my boat but my main limitation was the height of boat storage under my home at the beach. The fold down option is perfect and easy to lift and lower. "

    Kevin Jones Oak Island NC


  2. Folding T top= game changer | "Great craftsmanship and customer support!!!"

    Keith Williams boat-Cape Fear Hooker Wilmington NC


  3. Top and accessories | "Great looking product Customer service top notch "

    Joshua Griffin Scobey MS


  4. Pro Series | "Very pleased with how it turned out! Customer service was excellent when I had a part arrive damaged. Great quality aluminum and well made product. "

    Blake Berry Poolville Tx


  5. "Here is the Fishmaster T - Top on my G3 Bay 20 DLX."

    Brandon Rudloff


  6. "The installation was not without challenges. Our concerns were making 100% certain that the top was rock solid and securing the legs to a .100 of an inch thick floor wasn’t going to get it. If you have an aluminum boat, our suggestion is to take the time to do it right. I promise you Fishmaster will be right there with you. To make a long story, we decided on bolting down two strips of T6061 38” x 4” x .375 aluminum to the stringers of the boat. This would give us a rock solid base and the ability to basically install the top in a position that would give us the most protection from the elements. After all, that’s the reason we started this venture. When we first opened the two big boxes, we were in awe. It was evident that there was a lot of forethought and engineering put into the design of this top. The materials used are first rate and no matter “how pretty” the pictures look until you put your hands on the top, you will not fully appreciate it. The provided instructions are very well written with supplied photographs. We took our time with the installation and while we had our moments with a couple of broken taps and a few choice words, in the end we are extremely pleased. The T6061 is bolted down to 4 stringers and then we drilled and tapped the material and secured the legs with stainless machine screws that went through the T6061 and into the floor of the boat. Since the console in our boat was a bit lower than the horizontal brace on the legs, Greg suggested we use the Vertical Standoff Braces. We placed the order and within 12 hours they were at our door. The braces make the top of the frame as solid as a rock and you can mount them pretty much anywhere. The accessories offered by Fishmaster are every bit as outstanding as their T-Top. The Vertical Standoff Braces are stout and well designed. We also ordered 4 Rod Holders and they are nothing short of top notch. We took the time and effort to write this in hopes that it may help others make the “right choice”. We did and it was a Fishmaster T-Top. If you are in the least bit hesitant to order something “sight unseen”, hopefully this will have eased your concerns a bit. Greg and Fishmaster provide a top notch product and support that is second to NONE! Now I shall digress a bit. At the outset I mentioned the “other company” that makes a folding t-top. I did receive a response 3 weeks later after FOUR requests. Did I respond? You bet, I sent them pictures of my new Fishmaster T-Top!"

    Shari & Tom Roberts


  7. "Love the T-top, gives the boat a new look. Great customer service."

    Steven Riester


  8. "My new top I installed on my G3 center console boat, I love the look, it looks sturdy and that it belongs on this boat, I really like the way it folds down so I can store it in my shop when not in use. Thanks to all of the staff, and the fast shipping. First Class all the way!"

    Rickey Daniel


  9. "Your T-Top is the talk of the Allegheny River. I've enjoy many hours of fun in the sun with no worries about overheating with my MS tanks to your top. I have a G-3 1860 Deluxe that looks like a million bucks. With the fold down feature my boat goes right in the garage for easy storage. Thanks Fishmasters great product. Walt Sullivan, Huntsburg Ohio"

    Walt Sullivan Huntsburg Ohio


  10. Kim Robinson


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