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  1. "Gentlemen, attached is the first picture of my new rig on the water. The hull is just a month old, and thanks to the very quick turnaround you did on my T-Top order late last week, the whole package is ready to head for the coast. Gregor MX780 custom 17' all-welded aluminum hull, rigged as a center console. Evinrude e-tec 60HP on the back, Minn Kota with iPilot on the front. Rigging this to fish the near-shore for reds, trout, grouper, snook, and tarpon, which is why I went with the metal hull instead of fiberglass. I have been waiting for years for a t-top so I can fish through the middle of the day without scorching in the hot sun. Thanks for a really solid product. I am glad I got it for this boat. The upper half of the t-top has to come all the way off in order to get the boat into the garage, which is an inconvenience but not a showstopper. The coaming around the upper edge of the gunwales is about two inches too narrow to allow the top to fold forward and down far enough to clear the relatively low garage door. Miles ahead of anything I could have fabricated myself, which was plan A. Installation was straightforward - instructions were clear and correct. I will be getting a couple of light and antenna mounts soon, but not before next week. The trick will be to have quick-disconnects for all the wires that need to run past the vertical joints. Thanks again for the good product and the quick turnaround."

    Phil Smith


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