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  1. "Your directions were very good. However you have an error. You indicate that it takes 2 - 4 people to assemble and set in the boat. That is incorrect. In fact, I began to install it at 7 PM and had it done except the fabric by 10 PM, ALONE !! I work good alone and had it assembled out of the boat on my garage floor, lifted into the boat, and fastened to the floor and standoffs installed and cleaned up by 10 PM. The following day I installed the fabric in 45 minutes, and when the antenna attachment came in, had that installed in 20 minutes. All with no scratches or damage. I am 61 years old and feel it, yet it installed easily. Just thought you should know how well it went and how good it looks. I purchased this because I am going to sell the boat and knew that a T-Top will sell it quickly and for more money. A good investment for sure. Thanks for the nice product. I am very satisfied."

    Paul Boutiette


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