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  1. "Fishmaster T-Top was super easy to put on and very well built. Not only did you guys save me money, you were also a pleasure to deal with. If you want to put this on your web site...I have a message to all potential T-Top buyers......"STOP SHOPPING, there is no better deal on a T-Top than this one from Fishmaster. Customer service is outstanding (You talk to a real person!!!). I like my top so much I want another one...guess I need to buy another boat. Thank You very Much!"

    Tim Lovell


  2. "I finally got around to sending a photo of my 1994 Renken 21' with my Fishmaster T Top installed. Easy install, quality product and reasonably priced. I did get estimates to have a custom built T Top which would have cost me around $2,000.00 +.As you can see I also installed 4 rod holders, the Navigation light and the Spreader light. The quality in your T Top is outstanding and the installation was a breeze. LOOKS GREAT TOO !!!"

    Clarence Wilt


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