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Increase the power output of your t-top speaker system with the right amplifier. Choose from top brands including Wet Sounds, Hertz, and more.

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  1. Wet Sounds Compact Chassis Class D Marine Amplifier

  2. Wet Sounds HTX-1 Monoblock Class D Marine Amplifier

  3. Wet Sounds HTX-2 Class D 2 Channel Marine Amplifier

  4. Wet Sounds HTX-4 Class D 4 Channel Marine Amplifier

  5. Wet Sounds SYN-DX2.3 HP 2 Channel High Power Marine Amplifier

  6. Wet Sounds Sinister SDX2 2 Channel Marine Amplifier

  7. Wet Sounds Sinister SDX4 4 Channel Marine Amplifier

  8. Wet Sounds Sinister SDX6 6 Channel Marine Amplifier

  9. Wet Sounds Sinister SDX2500 Class D Monoblock Subwoofer Amplifier

  10. Wet Sounds HTX-6 Class D 6 Channel Marine Amplifier

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  11. SYN-DX 4 Marine Amplifier

  12. SYN-DX2 2 Channel Marine Amplifier

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Items 1-12 of 13

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What are amplifiers used for?

Amplifiers are designed to add power to your marine sound system. This added power is most helpful when listening to music or anything else at high volumes. In a non-amplified sound system, all power is being pulled from the speakers and is limited. So, especially at high volumes which require more power, the sound may become distorted. By adding an amplifier, and thereby more power, your system performs much more consistently and can provide a better listening experience at high volumes.

Do marine audio systems require amplifiers?

Amplifiers are not required to complete your boat’s audio setup, but they are highly recommended especially if you’re looking for a great listening experience at high volumes. Without an amplifier adding power to support those high volumes, your sound might become distorted because the power available from your speaker system alone is limited.

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