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TurboSwing Max

Transforming your boat into a watersports machine has never been easier than with the TurboSwing Max.

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Our Strongest TurboSwing Yet

The TurboSwing Max was designed with strength, stability, and longevity in mind. As the required size to accommodate modern motors has increased, materials for the TurboSwing max have been fortified to maintain deflection and resilience. Designed to accommodate modern, high-horsepower motors, this is our largest and most universal TurboSwing ever.

Transom-mounted design
Larger diameter bar
1-¼” Duplex stainless steel construction
One-piece bracket

Compatible with Large High-horsepower Motors

As motors continue to get larger, we modified the TurboSwing design to accommodate these high-horsepower motors (like the Mercury AMS, other V8 Verados, and the Supercharged Inline 6 Mercury 400.) Our new TurboSwing Max is set at a fixed 5-degree angle for optimal performance and is designed to mimic the steering axis of the outboard at its lowest position, putting the bar in the best possible position for clearance to the motor body without adding width between the brackets.

Fast and Easy Installation

Unlike other TurboSwing models which require the use of your existing motor bracket, the TurboSwing Max is designed to mount directly to your boat’s transom. This allows you to safely pull riders and tubes from the strongest point of your boat.

The TurboSwing Max is constructed from 1-¼" duplex stainless steel and utilizes a one-piece mounting bracket that requires a hole to be drilled on either side of your motor. While you increase the fun factor on your boat, your TurboSwing Max is covered by a 5 year warranty.

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