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A Guide to Bait Rigging

A Guide to Bait Rigging
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Bait rigging is likely one of the first new skills you picked up as you learned how to fish (or are picking up now). Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or are just starting to test out the waters, you probably know that there is a lot more to bait rigging than first meets the eye. From the basic bobber rig to more specialty rigs like the sabiki, learning how to get the right combination of hooks, sinkers, snaps, and swivels can be a learning process, and this process doesn’t stop there.

As you grow your collection of rigs, lures, tools, and other fishing necessities, you may find yourself filling tackle boxes, and as those boxes fill up it may quickly become obvious that keeping your growing collection of fishing gear neat and organized is no easy feat.

Let’s Talk Tackle Boxes

A go-to storage solution is the tackle box. They come in a variety of styles and sizes and every fisherman should have at least one, but while they come with their pros, they also come with their cons. First, tackle boxes aren’t usually designed to keep fishing line from tangling up, and as you store multiple rigs in the same place lines, hooks, and everything else start to tangle together. This makes finding and freeing your rigs difficult and time-consuming, taking up time that could be better spent with a line in the water.

Second, on top of the lack of true organization, tackle boxes can be hard to keep clean over time. We are sure there are many fishermen out there that can tell you how much of a commitment it can be to clean and organize a tackle box. This becomes even more of a commitment when you have larger tackle boxes or more than one of them (a very likely scenario the more seasoned you become, especially if you keep different tackle boxes for freshwater versus saltwater fishing).

tackle box with fishing rod on top

Third, you have to take those tackle boxes with you every time you go fishing. This means carrying them from place to place, and once they’re full they can get quite heavy. Plus, even if you have a storage area on your boat, you’re going to have to continually open and close them every time you need a tool or want to change your rig.

In short, tackle boxes can just be plain inconvenient. We are here to tell you that we have a better solution.

How to Keep Your Rigs Organized

Stop digging through your tackle box, swap your fishing rigs quickly and easily, and spend more time actually fishing with these storage and organization solutions.

fishmaster rigging bracket

Boat Hook and Rig Holder

Our rigging bracket was designed for ease of access to your most used rigs, lures, and tools. Keep your go-to fishing gear in a convenient location that works for you to easily switch out rigs or fix a line - no opening boxes or sorting through layers of lures. Reducing the risk of getting hooked is a major plus with this must-have accessory that can be installed on nearly any flat surface both on and off your boat.

taco marine plier and knife holder

Poly Knife and Plier Holder

There are few things worse than needing to quickly switch a rig while on the water and having to search for your knife or pliers. Keep them in one place for efficient access with this holder.

taco marine adhesive rigging strip

Adhesive Mount Rigging Strip

This rigging strip from Taco Marine provides even more space to safely hang and store your most used rigs and lures, without them getting tangled up. Hang it near your poly knife plier holder to have everything in one place or combine it with our rigging bracket to keep all of your favorites and go-tos where you can easily get to them.

The Bottom Line

No fisherman enjoys having to go through multiple tackle boxes or storage areas to find the right fishing rig, lure or tool when they need it. Keep your go-to fishing essentials in a more convenient, accessible location with any of our storage solutions to make your next fishing trip that much more efficient.

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