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5 Things Every Center Console Boat Needs

5 Things Every Center Console Boat Needs
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Do you have a center console boat but are not sure how to outfit it? There are a lot of options, but there are five key things every center console boat should have in order to make it the most functional and keep your boat in good condition.

  1. T-Tops

    T-Tops are a great addition to your center console boat. Adding a t-top helps protect you from the weather and marine elements, whether that be from the hot sun, sea spray, or getting caught out in the rain. It also adds mounting space which creates multiple storage opportunities for electronics, rods, life jackets, and more within an arm's reach from your center console. While adding a t-top helps improve the functionality of your center console boat, it also improves the appearance!

    Fishmaster offers folding t-tops and accessories to go with them. Fishmaster's t-tops are unique because of the folding feature. It's patented two-fold design makes it easy to store or tow your boat with your t-top! With the included quick-release knobs, folding your t-top is a breeze. To maximize your space and efficiency, check out our selection of t-top accessories.

  2. Storage

    Rod storage is essential for your fishing adventures! T-Top mounted rod holders are a great option to save space on your boat and keep your rods out of the way. A gunwale mounted rod holder is also a great option for keeping your rods put away but within close reach. It is also a good idea to have extra storage for things such as electronics, life jackets, trash, beverages, and extra accessories.

    Some of our favorite storage options include:

    • T-Top Storage Bag - Maximizes unused space on your t-top for convenient storage (can fit 6 type-II life jackets).
    • Electronics Box - Corrosion and water resistant, perfect for VHF radios, fish finding gear, and navigation equipment.
    • Trash Tote - Don't worry about littering fines with this durable trash tote that can also be used as a storage tote.
    • Beverage Holders - Fastens to your t-top with velcro to provide a convenient spot for your drink to keep it stable (works with cans and bottles).
    • Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder - Mounts to your t-top's frame and gives freedom to position your rod at any angle.
    • 5-Rod Rocket Launcher - Provides quick access to up to five rods without decreasing headroom as it mounts directly to your t-top's frame.

    electronics box
  3. Outriggers and Livewells

    If you are planning on offshore trolling, you will need outriggers. Outriggers are long poles that hold fishing line and allow you to reel in your line using a pulley system. Your outriggers can be on the center of your boat or on either side. It is important to ensure you get high-quality, durable outriggers. Fishmaster offers swivel mounted, anodized outrigger holders that don't require you to drill holes in your boat!

    Any center console boat should have a livewell. A livewell is an aerated tank that is similar to an aquarium to keep your catch's in until you weigh them to increase their survival rate once they're released. Some boats may come with a built-in livewell, but if yours doesn't, there are portable options available in different sizes and shapes to fit any boat.

    outriggers on a boat
  4. Boat Covers and Protection

    An incredibly important part of keeping any boat looking new is to have a proper-fitting boat cover to use when your boat is not in use. Our sister company, Westland Covers offers Select Fit™ center console boat covers that provide protection for your entire boat, as well as a separate center console cover designed to exclusively protect your center console. Ensuring you have a proper fit as well as high-quality material is essential in keeping your boat safe from the elements. Westland's covers are made out of Sunbrella® or Sharkskin® material which is durable, and protects your boat from the sun's UV rays.

    If you've outfitted your center console with a t-top, you should consider a t-top center console cover. Westland's are made out of premium Sharkskin® fabric, helping protect your steering wheel and gauges on your center console from potential bad weather and the sun's UV rays.

    center console boat cover
  5. Navigation Electronics and Lights

    Marine electronics are a great addition to any boat. Not only do they increase safety, but they also can help you navigate the water and find fish. Depending on what system you get there may be different abilities, such as fish-finders, depth-finders, GPS, and more.

    It is a law that every boat must have a navigation light installed at the highest point of the vessel that provides 2 NM of visibility in all directions. However, there are also other lighting options that can increase safety and visibility on board when you are out in dark or gloomy conditions.

    navigation light

Having these accessories will increase the functionality, safety, longevity, and looks of your center console boat! While there are many options of things you can add, these are a great start!

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