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Three Accessories that Improve Your Fishing Boat

Three Accessories that Improve Your Fishing Boat
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If you’re looking for accessories that improve your fishing boat, rocket launchers, rod and reel straps, and rig brackets can help.

We anglers love our fishing boats with a passion, and there’s nothing better than improving your center console with some cool new accessories that make you a more efficient fish-hunter. But there are a million and one fishing boat & t-top accessories out there – how are you supposed to know which to choose? That’s where we come in. Our designers and engineers have been working on the pieces and parts that will improve your fishing experience for years. And recently, we’ve developed three sweet new goodies that will make your boat look better, help you catch more fish, and serve as all-around fishing boat improvements that can’t be beat.

Fishmaster 5-Rod Rocket Launcher

If your fishing boat has a T-top without rocket launchers, it’s simply not living up to its full potential. Rocket launchers give you the ability to haul more rods and reels, and keep them ready for action with different rigs and lures. Our new Fishmaster 5-Rod Rocket Launcher clamps onto your existing T-top frame, and installs in under half an hour. The upper and lower holders are at slightly different angles, those on the same row have a separation of 9.5-inches, and they have riveted gimbal pins, so your rods and reels won’t smack into each other even when the holders are fully loaded and you run through rough seas. Added bonus: pre-drilled mounting plates can accept antenna or led spreader lights so you can add even more cool boat-improving accessories. You say you wish your fishing boat allowed you to keep one rod ready with a topwater plug, another with a jig, a third with a live-bait rig, a fourth with a spoon, and a fifth rod at the ready for whatever comes next? That’s no problem, once you improve your fishing boat by adding the Fishmaster 5-Rod Rocket Launcher.

five rod rocket launcher for t-tops

Fishmaster T-Top Rod Safety Strap

One problem that can put a serious crimp in your fishing style is the loss of rods and reels. It’s no fun at all to make a long run, then look around and realize something’s missing. That’s why rod safety straps are an important piece of gear that makes your fishing boat better, and it’s also why we developed the Fishmaster T-Top Rod Safety Strap. These are 11-inch long, 0.3-inch diameter bungee cords with a loop in either end. That makes it easy to quickly secure your prized rods and reels to any piece of pipework or hardware. Then, you know it will stay put no matter how rough the ride may be.

Fishmaster Marine Hook and Rig Holder

Picture this scene: you’re trolling for kingfish with wire rigs and treble hooks on the lines when you spot a huge cobia on the surface, just off to port. You need to crank in a line, snip off the rig, and put on a fluorocarbon leader and circle hook asap before that fish disappears. Will you drop that sharp treble hook rig on the deck where someone might step on it? Toss it onto a seat where someone might sit on it? No, you need to safely stow that rig or risk serious injury. So you reach for your tacklebox and… too late! The cobia is gone! This scenario is exactly why a Fishmaster Marine Hook and Rig Holder makes such a good improvement to your fishing boat. With one of these 21-inch long, machine-finished 6061/63 aluminum brackets attached to your leaning post, you can safely hang up rigs in seconds, while keeping other rigs close at hand and at the ready. That makes quickly changing one rig for another a snap, without wasting time by fumbling with a tacklebox.

Are these three accessories going to be ideal for every fishing boat out there? Of course not. But if they fit the bill for your fishing machine, will they significantly improve your fishing experience? You bet. Like we said at the start, Fishmaster has been in the business of improving fishing boats for years – and these three accessories can help get the job done.

What t-top accessories would you like to see Fishmaster offer? Drop us a line at corp@fishmaster.com and we would love to add them to our considerations for new products! Happy fishing.

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