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O'Neill Williams on Fishmaster T-Tops

O'Neill Williams on Fishmaster T-Tops
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Listen to nationally-noted hunting & fishing television & radio host O'Neill Williams speak about the Fishmaster Folding T-Top.

o'neill williams radio on fishmaster t-tops

Audio Transcript

This is your fishing buddy, O’Neill. Do you have a T-Top on your boat? Whatever you have, I have found one that is better. It’s called a Fishmaster Universal Folding T-Top. Folding? Yea, folds down below bridges or storage. Sounds good, huh? The Fishmaster fits all center console boats and installs easily. I can do it… you can do it.

Want to see one? Visit Fishmaster.com and look at the photos and a dealer list. No more fishing around for an old Bimini top, no sir. The Fishmaster T-Top is strong, silent and has plenty of rod and gear storage. While you are at the Fishmaster site, check out the accessories, rod holders, electronic boxes, lights and more. It’s a cool site for sure.

The Fishmaster T-Top is about half the price of other tops, and is much, much better quality. You can’t match it anywhere. Visit Fishmaster.com to find out all about, or simply dial 877-777-8693, that’s 877-777-8693. Fishmaster T-Top

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