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Universal T-Tops for Center Console Boats

Fishmaster Folding T-Top

If you have a center console fishing boat without a T-top, you already know about baking in the blazing sunshine, being rained on, and having a lack of handholds and storage at the helm. You’ve probably seen T-top-equipped boats nearby, and wished you could duck into the shade and out of the weather on your own boat. And since you’ve landed here on this web site, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve already decided to do something about it. The Fishmaster Folding T-Top was designed to solve all of these problems—as well as the complications created by adding a T-top to your boat.

T-Top Packages

Choose from three convenient packages that will ensure you are fishing-ready! All packages include our Fishmaster T-Top for center console boats, rod holders and quick release knobs, with options to add our top-selling electronics box, adjustable rod holders, or LED lights!

Have questions we haven't quite answered? Take a look at our T-Top Q & A!

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4 Item(s)

  • Fishmaster Folding T-Top
    • Strong Grab Handles. ($75 value)
    • Affords weather protection
    • Additional storage capabilities
    • Fits any center console boat with a console 24" to 50" wide
    • Folds Down in Minutes for Storage and Trailering
    • Industry Standard 1.90" Polished and Anodized Tubing
    • Patented Folding T-Top Design
    • Guaranteed Strong, Stiff & Silent
    • 5 Year Warranty and Money Back Guarantee
    • Not recommended for speeds over 120 mph :-)
    • Ships from Stock, normally the same day
    • Sunbrella Acrylic fabric available in 9 Colors
  • Fisherman's T-Top Package

    Featuring a trio of fishing essentials, our Fishmaster Fisherman’s Package is sure to up your fishing game. We crafted this package to conveniently include our folding t-top, fishing rod holders, and quick release knobs. Our quick release knobs allow you to quickly fold your tower without cumbersome tools. As an added bonus, our folding t-tops are easily assembled. You will be reeling in the fish in no time.

    5 Year Warranty & Money Back Guarantee!

    Package Includes
  • Captain's T-Top Package

    Command the waters with the Fishmaster Captain’s Package! We crafted this package to conveniently include our patented center console t-top , fishing rod holders, electronic box for your t-top and quick release knobs. Our quick release knobs allow you to quickly fold your tower without cumbersome tools. As an added bonus, our folding t-tops are easily assembled. You will be reeling in the fish in no time.

    Package Includes
  • Admiral's T-Top Package

    One shipment to rule the waters. The Admiral’s Package is the most robust package we offer, since it is equipped with everything you need to turn your boat into a fishing machine. The Admiral’s Package ships to you with our folding t-top, quick release knobs, led spreader light, led navigation light, electronics box, led light bar, led tube light, and universal antenna mounting bracket.


Are Fishmaster T-Tops Trailerable?

Yes. Our tops can be trailered while upright or folded down, installed in an afternoon, and cost significantly less than having a top built specifically for your boat. You can even add a custom designed and fitted strap-on clear canvass windshield or enclosure. We truly believe our Folding T-top top offers the best solution available for a center console angler who’s had enough of being fully exposed to the weather.

How are Fishmaster T-Tops Different from a Bimini Top?

What about choosing one of those less expensive, easy to mount folding Bimini tops instead? Anyone who’s ever tried fishing from underneath one of those things knows that it’s nearly impossible to cast a line or land a fish with all the struts and straps in the way. For an angler, a T-top is the only acceptable solution.

Will A Fishmaster T-Top Fit in My Garage?

When folded the height is reduced to just under 50 inches. That means you can add a T-top to your boat, but still back it into a garage. You pay less for dry-stack storage, a savings that could recoup the top’s price in short order. And you can squeeze under low bridges or overhangs that prevent boats with regular T-tops from exploring some waterways. By the way, have we mentioned that you can fold the top down in a matter of minutes without any tools, thanks to our quick-release knobs?

Just How Universal is the Fishmaster T-Top?

Its universal nature means it will fit any boat in the 14- to 30-foot range with a console between 24- and 50-inches wide, and while it stands 81 inches off the deck, when folded the height is reduced to just under 50 inches.

Does the Fishmaster T-Top Use Sunbrella Fabric?

Obviously the Fishmaster, like any T-top, provides shade and protection from the rain. By using high-quality Sunbrella acrylic canvas, however, we ensure that our top provides the best protection possible for as long as possible. Sunbrella is UV and fade-resistant, it resists mildew and mold, and is universally recognized as the best marine canvass you can buy.

What Are Fishmaster T-Tops Made Of?

Our T-Top is supported by a framework of anodized 6063-T54 aircraft-grade aluminum which has been heat-treated, ensuring maximum strength, corrosion-resistance, and a radiant finish. And hardware is 316-grade stainless-steel, not the more common but less corrosion-resistant 304-grade sometimes used by companies trying to save a buck. Considering these factors, it’s easy to understand how we can confidently back up our tops with an industry-leading five-year warranty and a “Love it or Return it” 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.