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How can the Fishmaster cost so much less than other T-Tops?
We are able to produce the highest quality T-Tops possible and make it affordable by leveraging "economies of scale". First we work directly with the aluminum mills which extrude the tubing based on dyes which we designed and own giving us far lower materials cost. We then leverage common design elements so individual parts can be run in higher volumes. Our ISO 9002 Certified factory uses high speed, computer controlled machining, bending and finishing systems to get the best possible quality at the most affordable price. Lastly, we run our business based on traditional business ratios and not a "what the market will pay" pricing model.

Can I pull wakeboarders, tubes or planer boards from the T-Top?
T-Tops are NOT designed for pulling watersports and if that is a requirement you will need to get a wakeboard tower instead of a T-Top. Do not pull tubes, skiers, wakeboarders or any other water sports item from the T-Top. We have tested large planer boards and found tension in the line to be under 25 lbs which will not cause a problem being towed from the T-Top. Always check the line to get an idea how much tension is in the line and if it seems significantly higher than 25 pounds please contact us before towing.

Will it fit MY boat?
The Fishmaster T-Top will fit all fishing boats with center consoles up to 50" wide. The innovative design allows the side legs to adjust to any width up to 50". The legs on each side (front to back) are 27.5" apart (center to center), and 31.5" apart (outsides of mounting feet). You will need a flat floor between these dimensions, on each side of the console, to mount the T-Top. If you have a step close to the center console, or your floor is not flat you will probably need a custom T-Top made if the mounting feet are at different levels. To view the exact dimensions of the T-Top choose the file you would like picture or PDF. To learn more about how the T-Top will fit your boat please review the instruction manual.

I have a 17' Whaler can you give me any information?
Additional information here: 17' Whaler page

How long does it take to fold down the T-Top for storage or to get below a bridge?
Normally about five minutes. There are two bolts that need to be removed from each of the four legs for the T-Top to fold forward. Then two bolts are removed from each side of the top section to allow it to fold. Only one bolt is required for each location except when used in rough water or when over 20 lbs of accessories are attached to the top. For customers that need to more regularly put their T-Tops up and down a quick release knob kit is available.

What are the dimensions and weight of the Fishmaster T-Top?
The top is 60" wide by 80" long and stands 81" above the floor of the boat. The following links provide detailed drawings of the T-Top dimensions. T-Top Dimensions PDF The T-top with fabric weighs right at 108 lbs with 4 rod holders attached.

What is the tube diameter, and grade of materials?
The tubing is 1-1/2" schedule 40 pipe with a 1.900" outside diameter. The tube material is 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum that is polished and bright dip anodized which is the industry standard for T-Tops, wakeboard towers, radar arches, tuna towers, etc. All the hardware is 316 grade stainless steel, also a workhorse of the marine industry. The fabric is Sunbrella Marine grade Acrylic.

What colors are available for the canvas top?
Canvas colors currently available:
sunbrella fabric options

Are your products designed for saltwater use?
Yes. All tubing is 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum that is polished and protected with a bright dip anodized finish. All hardware is marine grade stainless steel. It is recommended to wash after saltwater use and occasionally protect with a maring grade aluminum polish.

Does this top have an electronics box or attachment?
We have an electronics box available as well as various brackets for the Fishmaster that can be used to mount antenna, radars, etc.

Will it interfere with the side door of my center console?
Side doors up to 20" wide and 32" tall will be able to open normally. See the dimension drawings above. If your door is larger we include instructions to make the door easily removed by sliding out like provided on the new Boston Whalers.

What if I need help installing it?
All that is needed to install the Fishmaster T-Top is a drill, drill bits, basic hand tools and 3M 5200 Marine Adhesive, all available at your local hardware store. All other hardware and Allen wrenches are provided along with a step by step instruction manual. If you have questions we are happy to help, give us a call at 877-777-Tower. Many of our customers prefer to have their T-Tops and accessories professionally installed and locally supported. Please contact an authorized dealer for local sales and support.

Can I get it Powder Coated? What colors are available?
We only provide the Fishmaster T-Top in a polished and anodized finish. The is the most durable finish for salt water environments. If you would like to have a custom color we recommend that you purchase a polished T-Top and work with a local powder coater to match the finish to your desired color.

What is the warranty and what if it doesn't fit my boat or I don't like it?
We provide several ways to make sure you believe in the Fishmaster products as much as we do. First we provide the Best in the Industry 5 Year Warranty against defect in parts or workmanship. We will repair or replace any defective part at no charge to you. Next we provide a 30 day - No Questions Asked "Love it or Return" Money Back guarantee. Simply ship it back with a note on why you are returning it and we will refund your money, less our cost to ship the product to you.

What maintenance is required?
Like our beloved spouses, the Fishmaster T-Top is very low maintenance. The only maintenance needed is to occasionally polish the aluminum as you do the other metal items on your boat. If you use your boat in salt water rinsing down the T-Top after use is recommended.

Can I run wires through the tubing to lights, antenna or other electronics mounted on the T-Top?
Yes, we include instructions on how to do this in the T-Top installation manual.

Will accessories from other companies fit the Fishmaster T-Top?
Yes, all tubing is the industry standard 1-7/8" (1.90") outside diameter.

Can you trailer the boat with the T-Top Up?
Yes, It was designed for travel at highway speed like all other T-Tops. Since the cover is flat there is very little resistance on the top fabric. We have many customers here in Atlanta that take their boats to the coast (4-7 hours) with their T-Top up on a regular basis and their only complaint is cleaning bugs off the tubing.

Can the T-Top by installed on Triumph or other Ropleneā„¢ Boats?
Yes, the only difference in installation is use "Sudbury Elastomeric Sealant" from Rule instead of 3M 5200. Most Triumph dealers as well as many marine retailers and online stores carry Sudbury products.