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Will it fit MY boat?

The Fishmaster T-Top will fit all fishing boats with center consoles up to 50" wide. The innovative design allows the side legs to adjust to any width up to 50". The legs on each side (front to back) are 27.5" apart (center to center), and 31.5" apart (outsides of mounting feet). You will need a flat floor between these dimensions, on each side of the console, to mount the T-Top. If you have a step close to the center console, or your floor is not flat you will probably need a custom T-Top made if the mounting feet are at different levels. To view the exact dimensions of the T-Top choose the file you would like picture or PDF. To learn more about how the T-Top will fit your boat please review the instruction manual.

What are the dimensions and weight of the Fishmaster T-Top?

The top is 60" wide by 80" long and stands 81" above the floor of the boat. The following links provide detailed drawings of the T-Top dimensions. T-Top Dimensions PDF The T-top with fabric weighs right at 108 lbs with 4 rod holders attached.

What is the tube diameter, and grade of materials?

The tubing is 1-1/2" schedule 40 pipe with a 1.900" outside diameter. The tube material is 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum that is polished and bright dip anodized which is the industry standard for T-Tops, wakeboard towers, radar arches, tuna towers, etc. All the hardware is 316 grade stainless steel, also a workhorse of the marine industry. The fabric is Sunbrella Marine grade Acrylic.

Will it interfere with the side door of my center console?

Side doors up to 20" wide and 32" tall will be able to open normally. See the dimension drawings above. If your door is larger we include instructions to make the door easily removed by sliding out like provided on the new Boston Whalers.

What if I need help installing it?

All that is needed to install the Fishmaster T-Top is a drill, drill bits, basic hand tools and 3M 5200 Marine Adhesive, all available at your local hardware store. All other hardware and Allen wrenches are provided along with a step by step instruction manual. If you have questions we are happy to help, give us a call at 877-777-Tower. Many of our customers prefer to have their T-Tops and accessories professionally installed and locally supported. Please contact an authorized dealer for local sales and support.

Can I run wires through the tubing to lights, antenna or other electronics mounted on the T-Top?

Yes, we include instructions on how to do this in the T-Top installation manual.

What are the dimensions of where it attaches to tube to outside edge of farthest holder?

The overall dimensions of our 5 rod rocket launcher is just over 24" (616mm) wide.

I see the overall dimensions but I am interested in is the opening sizes on the electronic box as there is a flange for the door to rest on.

The inner flange is 1.25 inches. The outer flange on top is 1 7/8 inch, the bottom flange is 7/8 inch. Width of opening past inner flange is is 20 1/2 inches long by 6 7/8 inches high.

Do you guys still make the black t top

Yes, our Pro Series T-top in black was a limited edition but due to overwhelming interest and demand we are bringing it back full time. We expect to have more in stock by Fall 2020.

Does it come with the sticker on the plexiglass? If so is it removable?

No, currently on our FIshmaster electronics box the log is proudly etched in the plexiglas.

Will the t-top stand up with a radar dome, radar unit, and e-box mounted on top of it? Also is there a shipping cost?

Yes our Fishmaster t-tops are designed to support all of your fishing needs! You can add on our electronics box, brackets for a radar and etc. Right now there is free shipping going on when you order the t-top.

How does the polished finish hold up in salt water?

How will the polished (anodized) finish hold up in a saltwater enviroment? Here at Fishmaster we offer two types of coating powder coating and bright dipped anodizing because aluminum in its raw states is open to oxidation or corrision. We will discuss our bright dip anodize that is done for our billet and extruded aluminum components. It can also be refered to as a polished finish as the electrochemical process does polish the surface creating an aluminum oxide barrier layer that is a defense against other chemical reaction to those areas treated. The end result is a hard , natural oxide coating and able to withstand chemical attack such as salt water to a certain point. That point is typically determined on a thickness of the anodized coating and salinity of the salt water. You should expect months of protection in a salt water enviroment with the polished (anodized) finish. It is recommended that you wash with soap and water then polish this surface at least annually with some flitz on a rag to remove any build up. Our powder coating involves a three step process of washing, etching/ primer and finally the powder coating is applied. Then it is cured with heat to ensure a durable finish that actually will outlast polished anodized finish. It is more enviromentally freindly as it uses chemicals that are not as toxic. The heat performs the curing of this outer protective layer verses chemicals. We still recommend washing the product from time to time to prolong the usage. If you want to polish a simple cleaner wax will suffice. Both anodized and powder coating surfaces on our product for Fishmaster ttops, leaning post, rod holders and other accessories offer strong protection against saltwater with minimual maintenance.

I have a 1994 16 foot center console Carolina Skiff...will this ttop work with my boat or will it be too big?

Our T tops for your center console our t tops fit center consoles 24-50" wide.

2006 Triumph 190 Bay Question: I see customers with the 190 Bay are making the post more narrow and shortening the from legs to attach to the center console in front of rod holders. This is what I would like to do. Is this all custom an they are welding on the new front feet or do you sell the kits? Thanks!

We do not offer kits for this because these modifications have not been tested and are NOT recommended.

My console is about 57". Have anything for that?

Unfortunately, we do not. Not yet, but we are always working on new ideas.

I have a g3 bay boat that is aluminum, will ur top work on this boat?

Yes, your boat is compatible with our product.

are the four rod holders standard or an option

The rod holders that mount to the t-top are an option, but not standard. They must be added on when ordering the t-top.

Hello , I have a 30 ft intrepid center console and I’d like to check what is the best option of foldable top you guys suggest to me ? Thank you

Hello, Our t-tops can adjust from 24'' to 50''. As long as the console of your boat will fit within this range, and your boat has a flat floor, our Pro Series or Original t-top would work for you. ** If you have a side console door, please reference the dimensions on our website under each product to make sure the crossmember will not interfere with your door opening. Thank you,

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